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Geelani welcomes Michel Bachelet’s Kashmir statement

Srinagar, Sep 11: Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman, Syed Ali Geelani welcomed the United Nations Human Rights High Commissioner Michel Bachelet’s remarks on poor performance of India, with reference to protection of human rights in Jammu and Kashmir.

Expressing hope that the newly appointed High Commissioner for UN Human Rights Commission shall endeavour to fulfill the obligations of this august world body with respect to protection of civil and political rights of the people all over the world including Jammu and Kashmir.


In a statement issued, the Hurriyat leader termed Kashmir issue as a humanitarian and an issue of right to self-determination as established by the Indian Independence Act of 1947 and guaranteed by the United Nations in a resolution passed and accepted by the UN on the request of the then Indian leadership.

“In the wake of an illogical denial of right to self-determination to the people of Jammu and Kashmir, India deals with the civilian people as well as the pro-resistance political class with military might and its iron fists to suppress the political will and civil rights of the people here. The very existence of this kind of ruthless state-craft has resulted in gross violations of human rights in the every nook and corner of Jammu and Kashmir. People are left at the mercy of occupation military regime, policemen in uniform and their mercenaries without uniforms, roaming freely in the public with lethal weapons. Killings in the broad day light and in the custody of occupation forces, showers of bullets and pellets on the peaceful protest marches, leaving thousands of people, irrespective of gender and age, maimed, disabled, blind and half dead, has become a routine matter,” he said.

“Random arrests have become a source of ransom for the men in uniform and their mercenaries. The victims of political vengeance get repeatedly public safety acts slapped on them, keeping the accused persons without any trail for prolonged periods of time, is a worst form of vendetta, ordeal and lawlessness. Denial of basic amenities to the prisoners of conscience belonging to Jammu and Kashmir in almost all jails in and outside the state has made their lives vulnerable and as worse as slaves.”