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Frequent train suspensions badly affecting commuters

Srinagar, Feb 18: The frequent suspension of rail service on the Banihal-Baramulla stretch has been resulting in enormous hardships to the commuters.

As per the sources, on a single day, around 15,000 thousand to 20,000 commuters travel on 30 trains.


“I often travel by train. The closure of train service has been creating lots of difficulties to us travellers, especially the employees, who prefer train service over busses,” said a commuter Parvaiz Ahmada.

“The train service has attained tremendous significance in the recent times, as travelling in vehicles takes more time because of the traffic jams. The train service should run regularly,” he added.

The commuters said that even for small incidents, the train remains suspended.

“For petty incidents, the authorities stop the train service. The authorities should take into account the sufferings of the passengers. They should take appropriate measures in advance for smooth rail services,” said Irshad Dar, also a commuter.

In 2017, as per a railway official, the train service has been suspended 55 times, just because of the shutdown and other reasons.

Admitting that the commuters suffer, Chief Area Manager, Railways Srinagar, Hari Mohan Tiwari, said, “The train services are stopped for the safety and security of the passengers.”

“The railways have been spending around 50 lakh a day to run the service,” he said. “The earnings are much less, as compared to what we spend. On a day, we earn only Rs 2-3 lakh from the service.”

Tiwari said the train services in the past have either been suspended partially, permanently, or on some specific routes.

In the current month, the train service has been suspended four times.

“In February, the train service was suspended on February 2, 9, 11 and 16,”said Chief Controller, Railways Srinagar, Shri Nandlal.