Former Doordarshan and AIR Srinagar Director, Farooq Nazki, Passes Away

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Family sources have confirmed that Farooq Nazki breathed his last at a hospital in Katra after suffering a massive heart attack. He had been battling ill health for an extended period, with his condition worsening over the past year.

A distinguished broadcaster and honored poet by the Sahitya Academy, Nazki grappled with multiple health issues, undergoing dialysis due to lung complications.

Beginning his career as a journalist with the Zamindar newspaper and later transitioning into a prominent role as the Director of Radio Kashmir Srinagar during tumultuous times in Kashmir’s history, Nazki’s contributions to the media landscape were significant. He later served as the Deputy Director General of Doordarshan and provided media counsel to Dr. Farooq Abdullah and briefly to his son, Omar Abdullah.

Renowned for his versatility, Nazki was not only a man of letters, art, and poetry but also played a pivotal role in pioneering television in Kashmir. He traveled to Germany in 1972 to acquire audio-visual technology, revolutionizing media in his homeland.

An eloquent conversationalist and a celebrated poet, Nazki’s literary works, including “Kanzalwanus Naar Heutun” and “Sat Baran,” earned him numerous accolades. He was honored with the Sahitya Academy award in 1995 for his collection of poetry “Naar Hyutun Kanzal Wanas” and received recognition from the state Cultural Academy for “Lafz Lafz Noha.”

Due to his regular dialysis requirements, Nazki had relocated to live with his son, a medical doctor, in Katra. His daughters were present at his side during his final moments.

Born on February 14, Nazki would have turned 83 next week. He is survived by his son, two daughters, and his wife, who is currently in recovery from illness.

His body will be transported to Srinagar for burial at the family’s ancestral graveyard at Kathi Darwaza. Details regarding the funeral prayers, Nimaz-e-Jinaza, will be announced in due course.