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Foods That Help Keep the Bone Marrow Healthy

February 21, 2019

We all know that it’s important to keep the bones strong. But did you know that there is something inside large bones that should also be kept in tip-top condition? It’s called bone marrow, which is a fatty tissue whose primary role is to act as fat storage and more importantly produce stem cells that can develop into red and white blood cells.

Naturally, a problem with your bone marrow may keep it from producing enough blood components, something that can lead to a host of problems since it is your blood that transports nutrients and oxygen throughout the body, as well as help sweep out toxins and various waste products.

Having a healthy diet that’s packed with vitamins and minerals can help keep your bone marrow in an excellent shape. It is said by the experts that the regular consumption of nutrient-dense foods can help promote superb functioning of the bone marrow. Make sure that the following are a part of your everyday diet:


It’s no secret that wheatgrass is packed with vitamins and minerals, and that’s why it is good for your bone marrow. Loads of chlorophyll in wheatgrass makes this superfood assist in the production of healthy bone marrow tissues. By the way, wheatgrass is actually gluten-free provided that it is consumed without the seeds.


Because of the superb amounts of protein in turkey, it’s the perfect food for keeping the bone marrow in superb condition. According to experts, protein is vital for bone marrow maintenance as well as synthesis of newer bone marrow tissues. Your bone marrow also requires phosphorous and B vitamins found in turkey.


Just like turkey, lentils supply your bone marrow with much-needed protein. However, what makes these nutritious pulses so good for the bone marrow is the fact that it contains folic acid. A type of B vitamin, folic acid assists the bone marrow in producing red blood cells that help transport oxygen molecules to your cells, tissues and organs.


Due to being an excellent source of B vitamins, tuna helps promote well-functioning bone marrow. The seafood also supplies the body with phosphorous, which is important for healthy bones that house your bone marrow. Everyone knows that quality protein can be found in tuna, and that’s why it is good for your bone marrow.


Just like tuna, sardines are foods from the sea that also supply your bone marrow with B vitamins to keep the fatty tissue in an optimal state. By the way, the consumption of sardines helps boost the calcium content of your diet, which is good for the bones. If you want healthy bone marrow, keep its housing strong.


One of the so many nutrients found in broccoli is phosphorous, and it’s exactly for this reason why having the cruciferous vegetable included in your diet on a regular basis can benefit the bone marrow. As a bonus, broccoli is very good at neutralizing poisonous substances in the blood, which is highly beneficial for your overall health.


A variety of nutrients in tofu makes this superfood perfect for keeping the bone marrow functioning optimally. Protein, phosphorous, calcium and iron — all of these are favorable for your bone marrow. Aside from tofu, it’s also a great idea for you to regularly consume soybeans and other soy products.


Last but not least, see to it that you include good amounts of spinach in your diet on a regular basis. The impressive iron content of spinach helps support the manufacturing of red blood cells by your bone marrow. Besides, there are lots of other nutrients in spinach that is good for your health in general.

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