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Foods Rich In Omega 6 Fatty Acids: Know The Sources And Health Benefits

Now days, most people are eating omega-6 fatty acids. Omega-6 fatty acids which are also known as linoleic acid are types of fats that are found in vegetable oils, including corn, evening primrose seed, safflower, and soybean oils. Other types of omega-6 fatty acids are found in black currant seed, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, soya, peanut, corn, many salad dressings, and borage. Omega-6 fatty acids are used for reducing the risk of heart disease, lowering cholesterol levels and reducing cancer risk.
Some amazing benefits of Omega-6 fatty acids:
1. Helps reduce nerve pain: Research shows that taking gamma linolenic acid (GLA) which is a type of omega-6 fatty acid for a period of six months or more than that may reduce symptoms of nerve pain in people with diabetic neuropathy. People who have normal blood sugar control may find GLA more effective than those with poor blood sugar control, and GLA in primrose oil has been found to be helpful.
2. Good for the reproductive system: It is important to maintain a good reproductive health. The PUFAs or polyunsaturated fatty acids regulate the reproductive system. In a study, it was found that these PUFAs enhanced the reproductive performance in roosters.
3. Reduces cholesterol: LDL which is a bad cholesterol can be excessively harmful for your cardiovascular health and can lead to numerous health complications. It can cause strokes and heart attacks. Omega-6 fatty acids have the capability to cut down the unhealthy cholesterol in your body with a specific compound which is present in them. Therefore, we can say that this particular type of unsaturated fat promotes heart health.
4. Fights diabetes: Studies shows that omega-6 has the capability to reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes which, in many cases is caused by high amount of fats and cholesterol in our body. It can actually reduce the risk of developing the disease to about 35 percent.
5. Maintains bone health: It is very important to have healthy bones as they hold all of our weight and help us perform all of our daily activities. It is crucial for maintaining bone health. Studies show that both men and women can enhance and maintain spine and hip bone health by using omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.