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Dog sterilization program to resume in Srinagar City: SMC Commissioner

Srinagar, Feb 15: Commissioner of Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC), Riyaz Ahmad Wani along with the senior officers of the corporationsThursday reviewed the progress of various functions in his officer chambers here at Central Office Karan Nagar.
Besides taking certain decisions and passing on various directions on beautification of city, clearance of footpaths, intensifying anti-encroachments drives in the city; the major thrust was tackling of dog menace in the City.
Various directions with regard to tackling of dog menace were passed on during the course of meeting. Wani directed that the open garbage points that still exist in the city at certain places need to be closed at an earliest.
He has also called for the list of mutton and chicken sellers in the valley so that certain strict directions are also issued to them for proper slaughtering and disposing of leftover waste.
He also thrusted on revival of MoU that has earliest been signed with SKAUST for resuming dog sterilization program by providing proper logistic support as reflected n MOU.
The meeting also discussed that another facility would be created in the next six months at Alochi Bagh where at least 80 dogs would be sterilized per day.
Directions have been passed that request shall be forwarded to the members of Animal Welfare Board Committee to facilitate the capacity building program for SMC officials.
Commissioner SMC further expressed that in order to make Srinagar City rabies free and to curb with the dog bite cases two most important things ha to be taken into consideration.
This includes segregation of waste at house hold level by providing hopper services in the entire City in a phased manner that shall be followed by closing the open garbage points seventy percent of which has already been closed down.
The meeting also focused on projecting and highlighting various measures to be taken through print, electronic and local media in public domain in order to safeguard people from dog bites which importantly includes maintaining proper sanitation in and around the localities and to know about littering of edible waste that has direct effect on proliferation rate of stray dogs.