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Do you speak corona? A guide to COVID19 slang terms

covid 7

The coronavirus pandemic has triggered a new wave of ‘coronaspeak’ made up of novel slang words.

Covidiot: A blend of COVID-19 and idiot, covidiot is a slang insult for a person who disregards safety measures or goes against public health advice amid the pandemic. 


Covidient: The opposite of a covidiot is a covidient or a person who follows all government rules and regulations related to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Quarantini: A quarantini is nothing more than a cocktail that people drink at home while under quarantine. A mix of the words quarantine and martini, quarantini is a general term for any beverage consumed at home during lockdown. 

WFH: WFH stands for “Work for Home’ – which has become the new normal in several countries. 

Coronaspeck: A slang term for weight gained during the coronavirus lockdown. 

Zumping: For break-ups in the time of social distancing, zumping is a slang for dumping someone over Zoom, or any video calling service. 

Zoom-Bombing: Zoom-bombing is when an uninvited guest gate-crashes a virtual meeting and takes control of it, perhaps even sharing inappropriate content. 

Virtual Happy Hour: Since meeting with friends after work or grabbing a beer after office is now next to impossible, virtual happy hour refers to meeting friends for drinks over a video conference platform like Zoom, Google Hangouts etc. 

Coronacation – forced time off work due to the virus 

Coronalusional – having delusional or strange thoughts due to pandemic

Corona Bae – the partner you are quarantining with  

Post-rona – when the pandemic is over