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‘Daughters should be given good values, upbringing in cultured environments to avoid rape’: UP BJP MLA

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New Delhi: Amid the nationwide outrage over the Hathras gang rape and murder incident, a shocker comes from a BJP leader from UP’s Ballia who said that in order to control over the rape cases, it’s the duty of all mothers and fathers to imbibe good values in their daughters and bring them up in cultured environments.

“I am a teacher along with being an MLA. Such incidents (like rape) can be stopped only with sanskar (culture), not with shasan (good governance) or talwar (referring to sword or might),” BJP MLA Surendra Singh .


The reporter had asked him a question: “Why do you think rape cases are continue even as is people say this is Ram Rajya?”

“It’s my dharma, government’s dhrama but family’s dharma too… While government is committed to protect, the family should be committed too to imbibe good values in their children. Sanskar and sarkaar can make India beautiful, there is no other alternative,” he answered.

MLA’s shocker comes at a time when the nation is protesting against the death of 19-year-old girl who succumbed to her injuries on Tuesday night.

The victim had suffered from multiple fracture, paralysis and had difficulties in breathing by a neck injury in the assault. The police have also said that there was a gash in her tongue as she had bitten it when then four assaulters tried to strangle her.

The incident has triggered public anger and the Yogi Adityanath led UP government has come under attack from the opposition over recent crimes against women.