China releases 10 Indian soldiers following major general-level talks

A satellite picture taken over Galwan valley in Ladakh (Photo courtesy: Reuters)

New Delhi: Ten soldiers, including two officers, who had been ‘missing’ since the deadly clash with the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China, were released following a meeting of the Major General-level officials.

They had come back, sources in New Delhi said. These soldiers were missing, or taken captive, or cornered behind enemy lines at Galwan Valley.

According to rules, these personnel were de-briefed and will be asked to give an account of the period they were ‘missing’.

The deadly clash on Monday night at Galwan Valley in Ladakh had left 20 soldiers dead on the Indian side. As many as 76 soldiers were injured. On the Chinese side, there are reports of casualties, but the numbers have not been declared.

After a clash with the enemy, the Army counts its men and those missing have to be accounted for.

So far, no official statement has been issued by the army or the government on the release of the soldiers.

The Army, however, said on Thursday that all Indian soldiers involved in the clashes with the Chinese army at the Galwan Valley had been “accounted for”. “It is clarified that there are no Indian troops missing in action,” the Army said in a statement.

Among the injured 18 were serious while 58 suffered minor injuries. Sources said 18 personnel were undergoing treatment at a hospital in Leh while 58 had been admitted to various other hospitals. They are expected to join back work in the next few days.

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