Check out: Woman carries one-year-old son while driving E-rickshaw

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Everyone does not have a perfect life and this statement does not need any proof. Hence, it is always wise to count your blessings. You must be thinking why we are talking about this all of a sudden. So, a woman’s heartbreaking story about how she drives an E-rickshaw with her one-year-old son has surfaced online. However, her courage and grit have won the hearts of many.

Chanchal Sharma started driving an E-rickshaw after her husband left her. Initially, she faced many hardships as other E-rickshaw drivers opposed and didn’t allow her to take a certain route in Noida. But, the traffic police and the AIB outpost staff supported her and now she doesn’t face any problems. At present, Chanchal’s route is sector 62’s Labour Chowk to Sai Mandir, Kala Patthar and Pehla Pusta. “I am driving an E-rickshaw because my son is very young and if I work somewhere else, he will have to move. While driving, I can carry him with me,” Chanchal said. “I either stay with my mother in Khoda colony or with my sister sometimes,” she added.

After her husband left her, Chanchal decided to live her life nonetheless and that, too, respectfully. She didn’t want to go back to him to ask for money, so she decided to drive an E-rickshaw. Chanchal earns Rs 300-400 every day and lives with her toddler son. She straps her son onto her and drives the E-rickshaw to earn a livelihood.

Chanchal Sharma said that she got married three years ago in 2019 to a man from Dadri’s Chhayansa village. She didn’t want to name the person as he had harassed her a lot in the past. “After marriage, he used to harass and torture me in every way,” Chanchal claimed. “The court case started only after two-three months. It is still going on,” she further said.

Chanchal informed that she hails from Lal Kuan. Her father passed away when she was young. She has four sisters who are married and a mother who sells potatoes and onions for a living.

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