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Celeb Dermatologist Kiran Lohia Tells Us How Smartphone Addiction Can Harm Our Skin Too


Smartphone addiction or mobile phone overuse is something that many of you have but just don’t realise it. It is referred to a condition where you become dependent on your phone and find it difficult to stay away from it even for short periods of time. Using smartphone regularly for too long can have many health hazards. It can affect our physical health, mental health and overall well-being. But did you know that using smartphones for too long can affect your skin as well? Celeb dermatologist Dr Kiran Lohia Sethi raised concern about how smartphone use can affect your skin on her Instagram.
According to Dr Kiran, people who use smartphone for long periods of time have something called the “smartphone face”. She says that staring at phones while bending head downwards can make you have a smartphone face.
Radiations from smartphones can contribute to skin sagging. Smartphone light can affect your skin pigmentation. Your under-eye circles could also because of excessive use of smartphones.
Another thing which people who are addicted to smartphones commonly do is stick the phones to their face while taking a call. People have become such experts at multitasking, but there is only little realization of how such little things can impact health.
It is such a common tendency to talk on the phone while bending your head, so that you can do other things well. Heat that is imparted from smartphone can result in zits or spots on the skin.
In her video, Dr Kiran mentions how there are many people who approach her for pimples only on one side of the face. The first question that she asks them is, “What side of your face do you put your face on?”
Furthermore, excessive use of smartphone can affect your eyes and undereye circles. Many children today are getting undereye circles today because of increased screen time. Increased screen time can cause watery eyes, blurry vision and dry eyes.
Thus, your smartphone may actually cause more problems than you realise. Thus, it is important to cut down on your screen time in case you aspire for a healthy and spot-free skin.
(Dr. Kiran Lohia Sethi is a dermatologist at Isya aesthetics Pvt Ltd)COURTESY:NDTV