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BJP’s idea of development ‘discriminatory and secessionist’: PDP

Srinagar, Dec 9: Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Chief Spokesperson Rafi Ahmad Mir while out rightly rejecting the remarks of BJP leader and Union Minister for state Jitendra Singh Rana, said that the BJP government had miserably failed to ensure equitable regional development in the state and the party had also failed to protect the interest of minorities of Jammu region.

The PDP Chief Spokesperson who was addressing a day long convention of party workers in Anantnag, said that it were the relentless efforts and decisions of PDP President and former Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti that ensured no discrimination on the basis of region or vote bank politics.

Accusing the BJP of flaring up communal tensions, Mir said that PDP rightfully believes that the present government through its decisions is trying to divide the state in the name of development. I must remind the government that “every single government business has to take place in accordance to the Constitution and not on likes and dislikes of BJP leaders, the BJP must also categorically understand that there is a need to keep state intact as one unit. He said that in case the government decides to accord divisional status to Ladakh region and subsequently alienating the erstwhile Doda and Pir Panjal region, PDP will not remain silent”. This is their idea of development by dividing the state on regional lines, he added.

Mir said that series of administrative decisions of the government resulting in transgression of Constitution and inflicting pain on the bruised psyche of people will not be tolerated by the PDP, Mir said.

He said that the party stands for equitable development of all regions including Leh and Ladakh but the government will also have to ensure protection of minorities of the Jammu region and accord them a sense of belongingness, he added that any decision discriminating with them will bring cracks to the structure of the state, and the government must think twice before taking any decision that would result in secession of the state, he warned.

He advised the BJP leader to refrain from such provocative statements for political gains and vote bank politics which are slated to create a wedge among the masses. Instead of working to bring people of different communities together, BJP is defeating the popular sentiment and is trying to divide them on communal and regional lines, Mir said.