Anxiety, depression grip people returning from coronavirus affected countries

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Srinagar, Mar 21: Soon after touching down at Srinagar airport, 26-year-old Samreen (name-changed) felt a trembling sensation in her body when she was asked to undergo screening for coronavirus. As she walked towards the screening counter, the palpitation increased resulting in a severe panic attack.

Hailing from Srinagar city, she is pursuing education in a reputed University abroad. As the coronavirus scare spread, her parents insisted that she return to the valley.

Panic and fear gripped Samreen soon after she landed in Srinagar. She started feeling hysteric as if she has been infected and could die soon.

“She was declared alright by the screening staff and successfully completed home-quarantine. However, it was her mental health that was affected by the threat of looming virus,” said Samreen’s mother.

Later she was reported to the Psychiatric Hospital, Rainawari after developing recurrent panic attacks. “She is on medication and undergoing psychotherapy to keep her calm”, said her mother.

Similarly, Yasmeen (name-changed), 50, slipped into depression after her son got stranded in coronavirus hit Iran.

The 50-year-old woman, who lives in the uptown area of Srinagar became worried about her son’s safety. “As the news about Iran started flashing on television, Yasmeen began to get shudders. She felt our son will catch the virus if not evacuated soon,” her husband said.

When the crying spells increased, her family became concerned and brought her to the Psychiatric Hospital for treatment.

A doctor at Psychiatric Hospital, Rainawari said the outbreak of coronavirus may be stressful for people. “Fear and anxiety about a disease can be overwhelming,” he said wishing not to be named.

The doctor pointed out the stress can result in changes in eating patterns, difficulty sleeping or concentrating and worsening of chronic health problems.

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