All eyes on Govt as 4G suspension order ends today

Srinagar: Most of Kashmir is again pinning hopes on restoration of high-speed mobile internet as yet another extension of government’s existing order on 2G ends today.

On April 3, the government had extended the ban on high-speed 4G internet claiming it was “absolutely necessary to do so in the interest of the sovereignty and integrity of India.”

“The directions shall be effective immediately and remain in force upto 15th April, 2020, unless modified earlier,” read the order then signed by Principal Secretary to Government, Shaleen Kabra.

The service has been blocked since August last year when the government of India abrogated Article 370 and divided J&K into two union territories.

Several noted persons in academia and medical sectors in Kashmir have called for restoration of 4G services so that doctors, students and the general public do not face the hassles in accessing information during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Medics have clearly expressed their inability to download and access journals and other important information that can prove cardinal in their effort to treat and contain this virus.

Similarly, students too have lost the opportunity to go for online classes amid the current lockdown.

In this regard, a PIL has been filed in the Supreme Court seeking directions to the Centre and the Jammu and Kashmir administration to restore 4G internet speed in the Union Territory.

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  1. Govt involve in this by taking money from telecom also.its our hard money which telecom industry is taking as they providing 2g to us and giving 4g plan. So called Digital India. Restore 4G services .

  2. Its been more than 8 months that we don’t have access to high speed internet in J and K as it is restricted on 5th Aug 2019 but from last 3 months they are giving 2g services. What’s the fun of giving 2G, it gets difficult to study, impossible to download study material. I request the government that they must ban the internet in J and K because there are no students, journalist, doctors even humans here. I must say either u remove ban from 4G services or completely ban the internet services because giving 2G services in this era looks like you are making fun of us. Atleast if you can do one best thing stop the mobile services atleast we don’t need to pay for recharges or bills.

  3. Is this true or fake .If true the restore 4g in jammu .We students are having online classes and connection problem is disturbing. PM Modi used to say”pade ga India tabhi toh bade ga India”.How will we study if we dont have internet.People of jammu are also huma beings and we also want our rights

  4. Government of jandk is nothing but a blind, lifeless and controlled puppet of modi government. They make new meaningless arguments and extend the dates further. They are really blind because they can’t see how students of j&k are facing problems related to studies. There is no constitution, no laws, no humanity and no mercy because the peoples who are facing problems are from jandk so, no one is worried about what is happening.

  5. 4g is our right to use. As telecom company making huge profit from j&k. May b govt involve in this by taking money from telecom also.its our hard money which telecom industry is taking as they providing 2g to us and giving 4g plan. Why we people beg to this govt its our right.and we will show our right in ryt time .Is this a digital india if yes then centre govt dont think j&k is part of india .if there is security issue by providing 4g then what is your intelligence is doing and you should ban 2g also and why you r providing 4g through fibre or broadband. Its shows you are getting money from telecom industry. Corrupted minister don’t know much about digital india .fuck your policy and ideology

  6. Work from home an order by all corporations,my company also
    But not possible due to poor network,there is now need of high speed network for my son,his school teacher also sending daily worksheet for him,but didn’t download the material,plz requested that 4G restoration

  7. We all are waiting for 4g restoration. Doctors are not able to get proper information. Kids can’t join online class. We are not demands anything to the government 4g is our right to use we are paying for it.. where is your digitalindia now. We are suffering from 9 months now. In this period of time who uses 2g. Just think are u doing good with people of Kashmir. Everything is normal in Kashmir why you are making issues. I requested u if you can’t restore 4g it’s better to block 2g as well we don’t need this so called internet service here thank you.

  8. Government keeps extending 4G ban week after weeks. This time it really a need for future of this state & country by which I mean studnets. Everyone in world is learning, studying, enjoying at home through internet. But why do then only kashmiri people have to suffer mostly students.Its like Government is making fun of people of kashmir by extending the ban on high speed internet. Government knows we need internet the most at these times, the make us suffer and what then they expect from a kashmiri?? How will then kashmiri be proud of this country which made them unproductive in their lives??
    #restore 4G immediately

  9. We are desperately waiting as we r facing many problems by the blockage of 4g internet. If at this stage the govt. Didn’t restore the 4g internet, it better that the 2g internet should also be blocked.

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