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6 Ways To Reduce Heart Inflammation Without A Statin

One of the most intricate parts of your body after the brain is the heart. To sustain a healthy life, you need to maintain a healthy heart. There are several reasons which lead to heart problems and, heart inflammation is one of them. Statins are drugs which are popularly used for preventing coronary heart diseases, stroke and other harmful effects of cholesterol in the body. However, statins are not as helpful for reducing inflammation of the heart. So in this article, we will talk about ways to reduce heart inflammation without a statin. Keep reading…
Here are 6 ways to reduce heart inflammation without a statin:
1. Enough sleep
Getting enough sleep can help in reducing heart inflammation. Poor sleep quality increases risk of cardiovascular and coronary disease. Minimum 7 to 8 hours of sound sleep is necessary to prevent heart inflammation and is essential for normal functioning of your body. Similarly, too less or too much of sleep can increase inflammation of heart.
2. Stop smoking
Presence of nicotine in cigarettes is a significant agent for causing inflammation and heart disease. Tobacco smoke is the sole notable source of toxic chemical exposure to the human body. Tobacco is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, as it stiffens the arteries. Quitting smoking can not only help you from heart inflammation, it can also reduce risk of cancer and asthma.
3. Mediterranean diet
A Mediterranean diet is nothing but a diet from Mediterranean countries like Spain, Morroco, France, Israel that incorporate high consumption of vegetables, legumes, whole grains, with extra-virgin olive oil or nuts. This diet can help in reducing occurrence of major cardiovascular incidents among people at high risk of heart diseases. Inculcate the habit of adding these foods in your diet to prevent heart inflammation.
4. Daily exercise
No food or medicine can help you to stay healthy until you start to exercise. Your body requires at least 30 to 45 minutes of exercise in a day to control proper bodily functions. Cycling, running, jogging, brisk walking, yoga or minimal workout can help in bringing notable changes in the way your body works. Regular exercise is also remedial in warding off chronic conditions like diabetes, depression, and obesity.
5. Narrow middle size
Excessive weight around the midsection can increase inflammation which can lead to heart disease. Under usual circumstances, men gain weight around the belly and women gain weight near the hip area. Reducing a few inches off the waist and extending activity schedule can go a long way in terms of keeping you healthy. You can manage weight with a balanced diet, proper sleep and regular exercise.
6. Reduce stress
Your body releases cortisol hormones when under a high level of stress which influences heart inflammation. Exercising on a daily routine, relaxing breathing techniques, yoga, and meditation are all effective ways of reducing stress. Listening to music, reading a nice book, painting or watching a good movie can also help in reducing stress.