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5 Vegetables Have High Content Of Protein Than Eggs

It is important to include healthy sources of protein in your diet every day. Protein is the building block of the body and helps your body function smoothly and maintain muscle mass. When we think of protein, eggs, fish and chicken might strike us immediately. Not to forget, they are protein rich foods. But if you are not a big meat lover, you have other options as well to get the recommended amount of protein that your body needs. There are plenty of protein-rich vegetables that are available throughout the year. Vegetables can be eaten in main course, salads or even as a side dish.
Try out these vegetables that are high in protein:
1. Spinach: You might be aware of the fact that spinach is a popular “super food”. Include this vegetable in your diet as within that deep dark green colour is plenty of protein. Apart from this, spinach is loaded with iron, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
2. Mushrooms: With immune boosting properties and a firm texture, mushrooms are flavoursome, extremely nutritious and make a filling meal. You can cook under a hot grill with some olive oil. Once they are done, you can simply top them with little fresh chopped garlic. You can even boil them and include them in your salads or soups.
3. Peas: The tiny green peas contain about 9 grams of protein per cup. They are a good source of vitamin A, B and C, phosphorous, and iron. Additionally, the generous amounts of vitamins B and folate found in peas can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
4. Cauliflower: Like broccoli, cauliflower provides a high amount of protein for the number of calories it delivers. It is also a great source of vitamins C and K and minerals like iron, calcium, potassium, manganese, magnesium and phosphorus. Cauliflower is a versatile vegetable which can be prepared in a number of ways.
5. Asparagus: A popular green vegetable with high nutrient content, asparagus is a rich source of protein along with nutrients and minerals like copper, manganese, phosphorus, magnesium and vitamin B. Asparagus can be grilled, boiled, steamed or even pan-fried. You can include them in your salads or even have as a side dish.