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10 Powerful Benefits Of Kalonji Nigella Seeds Backed By Science

Thymoquinone, the major constituent of nigella seeds, has been called an emerging natural drugwith a wide range of medical applications.

Nigella seeds are also called black seeds or black cumin seeds. They have been used by ancient healers and modern day medical practitioners, and everyone in between.


The seeds are scientifically called Nigella sativa. Even the oil (called black seed oil) has many therapeutic applications. In this article, we’ll discuss the science-backed benefits of the seeds – benefits you would love to know.

Researchers have been investigating thymoquinone since the 1960s, and it is known for its powerful antioxidant, anticancer, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Other active ingredients in nigella seeds, thymol and thymohydroquinone, possess antimicrobial and anti-tumor properties. The seeds have been used traditionally in Middle Eastern folk medicine for over 2,000 years ago. The properties of these seeds are many – they are used as an aromatic, diuretic, expectorant, purgative, stimulant, carminative, and sedative.

Nigella seeds also have a place in Arabic folk medicine as a potent treatment for many diseases – some of which include jaundice, skin ailments, gastrointestinal issues, rheumatism, asthma, bronchitis, and even fever

Here’s a list of 10 such amazing health benefits of kalonji you may have never heard of.

1. Fights acne

Tired of using creams and expensive medication for acne? Try using kalonji oil with some sweet lime juice. Just add half a teaspoon of kalonji oil to a cup of sweet lime juice and apply it on your face. Do this twice a day and watch acne disappear in no time. You could also heal cracked heels with kalonji oil.

2. Preventing hair loss

The oil of black cumin seeds is known for preventing hair loss and stimulating hair growth. It provides your hair with the moisture they need. Primarily it works by strengthening the roots of your hair, hence improving the overall quality. Just warm some kalonji oil and massage it thoroughly on your roots. Leave it on for an hour and wash it off. Repeat this twice or thrice a week as you need.

3. Boosting memory

Weak memory and forgetfulness are common amongst the elderly. But this problem can also be treated with the help of kalonji seeds. This little spice is known to boost memory power, concentration, and alertness in the elderly. Prepare a drink using these seeds. Just boil some mint leaves in water and add half a teaspoon of kalonji oil to it. Drink this solution twice a day to reap its benefits. You can also prepare a mixture of crushed kalonji seeds, honey, and kalonji oil and consume it regularly to get the same benefits.

4. Asthma

Asthma and cough have become a common problem now, thanks to the rising pollution levels. Running off to the hills or spending a bomb on medicines is certainly not the solution here. So what you can do instead is try some home remedies for relief. Kalonji is one such powerful remedy. Just mix a teaspoon of honey with a teaspoon of kalonji oil in some warm water and drink it every day before breakfast and after dinner. When you are on this treatment, refrain from cold foods and drinks for a period of 40 days.

5. Heart health

One of the best home remedies for better heart health is nigella seeds. The easiest way to use kalonji for better heart health is combining it with some goat milk. Just add half a teaspoon of kalonji oil to a cup of goat milk and drink it twice a day for 10 days. After 10 days, drink this solution once a day. During this treatment avoid all fatty and oily foods.

6. Controlling blood pressure

Hypertension or high blood pressure does not show any outward symptoms but can increase your risk of stroke or heart attack. Some simple home remedies can help you control blood pressure in a better way. Kalonji is one such powerful home remedy. It is well known for its benefits for hypertension. Half a teaspoon of kalonji oil in any of your favorite hot beverages can help you control blood pressure.

7. Stronger teeth

And not just for your teeth, kalonji benefits your overall oral health. From bleeding gums to premature shedding or teeth, kalonji can help in treating them all. For improved oral health, just mix half a teaspoon of kalonji oil with a cup of curd and apply it on your gums and teeth twice a day. If you are dealing with a toothache and swollen gums, prepare a mouthwash of kalonji oil and vinegar and rinse your mouth with it.

8. Weight loss

Kalonji can help in speeding up your body metabolism and promote faster weight loss. Just mix half a teaspoon of kalonji oil with two teaspoons of honey and add it to lukewarm water. Drink this solution three times a day for quick and effective weight loss.

9. Piles and constipation

Constipation and piles are the most common digestive disorders in today’s world, and that too in all age groups. But a tried and tested home remedy for these problems is kalonji. For treating piles, apply a mixture kalonji oil and vinegar on the affected area for a few minutes till it cools off. For constipation, you can consume kalonji oil orally with a cup of black tea.

10. Liver problems and jaundice

Jaundice can be deadly if not treated the right, professional way. However, you can speed up the recovery with the help of this home remedy. Kalonji oil coupled with the professional treatments for liver problems and jaundice can do the trick for you. Soak a few ajwain seeds overnight. Strain it in the morning and add half a teaspoon of kalonji oil to it. Drink this solution once a day to get quick relief from liver problems and jaundice.