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X-mini Nano-X review: Tiny, but loud and clear

Audio technologies have improved so much over the past few years that size is no longer a problem when it comes to ensuring good quality output. We have seen many tiny speakers but not many as tiny as X-mini Nano-X, which is not much bigger than a laddoo. The Nano-X is the shape of a tiny barrel and a has a power button below. A long press on this initiates Bluetooth pairing. The only other feature on the device is the micro-USB port for charging.
You are not expecting top quality audio when the speaker is this size. But the Nano-X is by no means a bad sounding speaker. In fact, it is good enough for listening to music at home thanks to the metal body and relatively large drivers. And if you hide it, others will not even realise the music is coming from something so small. I suggest you don’t listen to genres like hard rock on this as the notes will get all muddled. However, with vocal-heavy music, the quality was really good and clear.
I got the feeling that the audio gets a bit tinny at high volumes, so you will need to balance it out. Interestingly, the Nano-X has a microphone that lets you make calls and experience is decent on both sides. The battery life is good too and lasted me about two hours with playback on full volume.
Overall, the X-mini Nano-X is a good accessory to have in your backpack just in case you feel bored at work or in a hotel room. At Rs 1,200 this is not an expensive device to invest in.