Will fight nasty politics in India, defeat BJP in next polls: Rahul

New Delhi: Launching an attack on the BJP, Congress President Rahul Gandhi said there is a general atmosphere of “intimidation” in India where “nasty form of politics” of dividing people is being played to win elections.
Speaking at a panel discussion at the prestigious Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy in Singapore, Rahul Gandhi also said that there is a challenge to the institutional structure of India.
“If you ask me what am I proud about my country…it is the idea of plurality. It’s the idea that people in India can say anything they want, do anything they want and they won’t face any problem and that is being challenged…,” he said.
“There is a particular type of politics that’s not only happening in India but in a number of places – of dividing people, of using (their) anger to win elections and that’s what is happening in India,” he told the audience at the school, which is part of the National University of Singapore.
Commenting on the recent controversy of four senior Supreme Court judges holding an unprecedented press conference, Rahul Gandhi said, “Normally in India, the people go to the judges for justice. For the first time in my life, I saw four Supreme Court judges actually go to the people for justice. They went to the press and said that they need the people to hear their voice as there is something that is fundamentally wrong. I don’t know if you know the details about the comments they (judges) were making but the centre of the issue is the case of (BJP president) Amit Shah. So, there is a challenge to the institutional structure of our country,” he said, apparently referring to the issue of alleged mysterious death of special CBI judge BH Loya, who was hearing the sensitive Sohrabuddin Sheikh encounter case.
Amit Shah was discharged as an accused in the case.
Rahul Gandhi alleged that there is a “very very aggressive and organised attack on the system and on the judiciary. If you speak to the press, if you talk to business people, they will also tell you that we feel intimidated. so there is a general atmosphere of intimidation.”

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