Where is Sana Khan? Fans ask as former actress goes silent on social media

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Mumbai: Rumours mills are churning that former actress Sana Khan has either quit or taken a sabbatical from social media

Sana’s last post was in October. Sana has been hyperactive on Instagram posting about her business.

For the last two weeks, there is complete silence. It has spurred rumors that she might have either taken a sabbatical or permanently quit social media.

In October 2020, the 33-year-old celeb left the world of glam and glitz to pursue the path of her creator. After a month, she made headlines with her secret wedding news with Mufti Anas Sayaid. Since then, Sana Khan is enjoying her ‘happily ever after with Anas and her social media handles prove the fact.

After quitting her acting career, Sana Khan has turned entrepreneur.

She promoted Halal beauty products and makeup for girls. Sana started Face Spa by Sana Khan in 2018 and it deals with a luxury Skincare range of products & treatments for women and men. Her brand boasts of ‘wudu-friendly’ and ‘alcohol-free’ beauty products.

Unlike conventional makeup, Halal makeup adheres to Islamic standards i.e. they are free from pig-derived and other forbidden ingredients. They are also wudu–friendly (permeable to water) as required by Islamic standards. Halal beauty products can range from eye shadows, foundations, nail polishes, and even fragrances.

In February, Sana Khan launched a Sharia-compliant clothing brand for Muslims. `Haya by Sana Khan’ was launched in Surat.

Sana has also launched her own YouTube Channel to promote Islamic content. `Sana Khan Vlogs’ is the only official Youtube channel of the former actor.

Sana has performed Umrah and Hajj. She posted pictures and videos with her husband at the holiest shrines.

She recently completed her Haj with her husband Mufti Anas and according to our earlier report, she had paid around Rs.10-12 lakhs for the Haj package.

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