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Watermelon, Rescuer to Urine Problems

Its summer here, time to relish and enjoy the refreshing citrus fruits. Few memories always invade our minds and effortlessly bring a smile on our face just as a big plate of freshly sliced, ripe and juicy watermelon. Undoubtedly, everyone loves this appetizing fruit. Along with its mouthful savor, they are actually loaded with plenty of health benefits, making them an utterly perfect summer time treat.

Watermelons are very good for the heart as the red color has the powerful antioxidant, Lycopene, which lowers the cholesterol levels. The fruit also keeps the body hydrated and reduces fat. It improves immunity and rejuvenates the mind, too.

Watermelon is a Natural Diuretic which helps regulating the flow of urine. There are days when we have frequent urgency to urinate along with some burning sensations. Also, there are times, when the urine has a dark yellow color.

It helps in easing out the Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) as its regular consumption reduces the fatigue on the kidneys when our body eliminates excess fluids.

Watermelons eliminate inflammation from infection and kill all the bacteria and fungi, which makes it effective to cure UTI. It removes excess body heat and sustains blood pressure. Urinary problems can even spread in your blood and this helps as a speedy remedy. Adding watermelons to smoothie, shakes and juices is an exquisite way to flush out all the toxic substances and clearing of the urinary tract.

Also, it is very essential for Watermelons to be consumed in moderation as consuming excessive Lycopene has extensive side effects like allergic reactions, nausea, intestinal disturbances, diarrhea and cardiovascular problems.

In conversation with Dr. Rita Bakshi, Senior Gynaecologist and IVF Expert, International Fertility Center.

Dr. Rita Bakshi: Senior infertility specialist & gynecologist Dr. Rita Bakshi is the chairperson of International Fertility Centre.