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Water meters yet to be installed in Kashmir

Srinagar, Feb 16: The Public Health Engineering (PHE) department is yet to install water meters in the Srinagar city to check the misuse of potable water.
It has been four years since the department initiated the process for the procurement of Water Flow Meters Installation, but the project is yet to see any progress.
Abdul Wahid, Chief Engineer PHE, said the department has procured the Water Flow Meters and would soon start installing them in the commercial establishments.
“Our main focus is to first install the meters in the commercial establishments, including restaurants, hotels, lodges and shops,” he said.
He said the commercial areas and establishments are much bigger than domestic ones.
“All the meters in commercial establishment were destroyed during 2014 floods. So, we will first install the meters in commercial establishments,” he said.
He said the installation of water meters is necessary to monitor and control water supply.
“Water metering will also give complete account of usage and people need to pay accordingly. It is important for the government and consumers as well. We have adequate supply of drinking water in the city. This will not only enable us to check unaccounted wastage of water but will also maintain stable supply during all seasons,” he said.
An official in the department said that once the system is functional, all houses in the domestic areas in the city will receive 24 hours of water supply and their total consumption will also be recorded.
“As per the meter recording each house will be charged. The department has planned and set priorities regarding the installation of meters in the city to ensure no wastage of water supply,” said an official who is working in the department.
As per official data Jammu and Kashmir has around 2 million consumers registered with JK’s Public Health Engineering (PHE) department.
Of the total 20,15,088 consumers, 63.8 per cent have access to tap water.
Six years back, the government enacted Water Resources (Regulation and Management) Act, in the State Legislature for metering all the water connections in the State on the pattern of power connections.
The Act will ensure the careful use of the water and to generate revenue for the department of Public Health Engineering strictly as per the consumption.