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Water charges revised in J&K: Here is the new tariff


Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir Water Resources Regulatory Authority (J&KWRRA) has revised the water tariff for domestic and commercial consumers in the union territory.

“In terms of section 128 and in terms of section 145(2) of the J&K Water Resources (Regulation and Management)Act 2010, the Authority has decided to fix the water usage charges /tariff for different categories of water for the year 2021-22 effective from 01-04-2021. The order shall remain valid till 31-04-2022,” reads the order copy by J&KWRRA.


In domestic connection category, the tariff for consumers with a connection size of ½ inch in rural belt has fixed Rs 500 for six months.

As per the order, a tariff of Rs 800 per half-year has been fixed for a connection size of ¾ inch.

For urban J&K, water tariff of Rs 1500 and 2850 per half years has been fixed for connection size of ½ and 1/3 inches respectively.

For domestic cum semi commercial, a tariff for Rs 1750 has been fixed for 1/2inch connection size.

A consumer with ¾ inch connection size as per the order will pay Rs 3300 as water tariff for half year.

In commercial category, a water tariff of Rs 5000 per half-year has been fixed by the authority for connection size ½ inches.

The water tariff for connection sizes ¾, 1, and beyond 1inches have been fixed Rs 15400, 46220,7700 respectively per half-year.

Similarly in metered domestic category, the tariff for connections in rural areas as per the order has been fixed Rs 12 per Kilolitre (KL) for 200 and 350 liters per day(lpd).

Whereas for metered connections in urban areas, the tariff has been fixed as Rs 20/KL for consumers with daily usage of 350 lpd. Those consumers whose water usage exceeds 700 lpd and beyond 700 lpd will pay the tariff of Rs 21 and 23/KL, respectively.

In Domestic cum Semi- commercial category of urban J&K, the tariff for the metered connection with a water usage of 350lpd has been fixed Rs 24/KL.

Consumer having water usage of 700 lpd and beyond 700 lpd will have to pay Rs 25 and 26/KL.

In commercial category, the J&KWRRA has fixed the drinking water tariff Rs 28/KL for a consumer with water usage of 1500lpd.

As per order Rs 39, 42 and 46 /KL tariff has been fixed for consumers with water usage of beyond 1501, 4001 and 6000lpd.

The Authority as per the order has rationalized the categorization as Domestic, Domestic-cum-Semi-Commercial, Public Stand Posts, Commercial, Institutions and Industrial units.

As per the order, domestic includes all residential premises, government health, and educational institutes along with organizations and institutions like orphanages, old-age homes that are not for private gains.

Domestic-cum -semi-commercial category includes residential premises where commercial use coexists like shops, barbershops, tea stalls, and others.

Public posts include handpumps installed for general public use.

Commercial includes consumers not covered in domestic and semi-domestic cum commercial category.

Institutions include government offices, libraries, private educational institutions, corporations, autonomous bodies, etc.

Industrial units include bulk water-consuming units like pharmaceutical, brick kilns, tiles and others