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Was Rakhi Sawant’s cancer and hospitalization just a fake drama?

May 16, 2024

Mumbai: Controversial queen Rakhi Sawant is all over the news as she is currently hospitalised reportedly due to serious heart-related ailment. This development comes amidst legal battles with her ex-husband, Adil Khan Durrani, who has now made some startling allegations against her.

Adil Khan claims that Rakhi is faking her illness to avoid jail time related to a case he filed against her. The case involves the alleged leak of private, sexually explicit videos. Adil has expressed skepticism about the authenticity of Rakhi’s medical condition, citing a lack of medical reports and questioning the absence of an oxygen mask typically required for heart attack patients.

Adil said, “There are no medical reports. Doctors haven’t said anything. We don’t know which hospital she is in. If it is a heart attack, I think patients generally need oxygen masks but she (Rakhi Sawant) does not have that too. She is doing this only because she has to surrender to cops soon. This is only a drama to escape going to jail.”

Rakhi Sawant suffering from cancer? Big revelation about her health
Rakhi Sawant (Twitter)

Adil’s allegations came after Rakhi’s another ex-husband, Ritesh Raj Singh revealed that doctors discovered a tumor in Rakhi’s uterus and it could also be cancer. However, Adil refutes these claims, asserting that Rakhi had undergone full body tests during their relationship and had no such health issues.

Rakhi Sawant’s Lawyer Reacts

In latest interview with ETimes, Rakhi’s advocate Falguni Brahmabhatt quashed Adil’s claims and revealed more details about Rakhi’s condition.

Falguni said, “Rakhi has medical issues, no doubt about it. Whatever Adil is saying that is what he is thinking. He believes that because the court date is coming near, Rakhi is spreading rumours. But that is not true, she is undergoing treatment and shall undergo surgery soon. She has fibrosis, there will be another checkup with the gynaec for what are the other issues. And yes, she also has heart issues. Rakhi had anxiety, chest pain and palpitations.”

When asked about the court hearing, she quipped, “She will move court within a two-three days time. As the date is coming closer, as her advocates we will take legal steps to ensure that her legal procedures or compliance are made. The directions of the Supreme Court will be followed. It is not that she is running away, Rakhi has already instructed us and we shall take legal steps at the appropriate time. She will be back very soon.”

As the story unfolds, the public and media are left to ponder whether Rakhi’s hospitalization is a genuine health scare or a strategic move to evade legal consequences. With no concrete medical reports available to the public, the truth remains shrouded in mystery.

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