Video: People forced to live in metal boxes under China’s zero Covid rule

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China, under its “zero Covid” policy, has imposed strict rules on its citizens placing millions under quarantine.

Amid all this, Beijing prepares to host next month’s Winter Olympics.

People, including pregnant women, children and elderly, are being forced to stay in these crammed boxes furnished with a wooden bed and a toilet – for as long as two weeks – even if a single person tests positive in their locality, reported Daily mail.

Many rows of metal boxes to house the Covid-19 patients, lines of buses taking people to quarantine camps were seen in a set of nightmarish social media videos from China.

In several areas, residents were told just after midnight that they need to leave their homes and go to the quarantine centres, it said.

In China, mandatory track-and-trace apps mean close contacts are usually detected and quarantined quickly.

As per the report, over 20 million people are now confined to their homes in China and are banned from leaving their houses even to buy food.

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