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(VIDEO) Horrific! Cow brutally attacks 11-yr-old girl

August 11, 2023
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A heart-wrenching incident unfolded on Elango Street in Chennai’s MMDA Colony, as an innocent 11-year-old girl named Ayesha became the victim of a terrifying assault by a stray cow. The incident transpired when Ayesha was walking home from school alongside her mother and younger brother, marking an ordinary day that quickly turned into a harrowing ordeal.

Surveillance cameras captured the chilling sequence of events as they transpired. Walking behind a cow and its calf, Ayesha and her family found themselves in a precarious situation when the cow seemed to react to her brother’s sudden noise. The cow swiftly turned around, attacking Ayesha by lifting and flinging her onto the road.

The ferocious assault persisted, prompting concerned witnesses to intervene. In a bid to deter the relentless cow, stones were hurled, finally succeeding in rescuing Ayesha from further danger. Immediately, Ayesha was rushed to a nearby hospital, where medical attention was administered promptly. Her condition has since been reported as stable, alleviating the initial fears for her well-being.

Swift action was taken by local authorities in response to the incident, resulting in the filing of a case against the owner of the stray cow. This unsettling occurrence casts a spotlight on the critical necessity for enhanced safety protocols and accountability when dealing with stray animals within urban environments.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential risks associated with interactions involving stray animals. This incident emphasizes the urgency of implementing effective measures to safeguard the well-being of residents, especially children, residing in urban communities.

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