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Understanding the Animosity of USAwith Iran.


Winston Churchill once said “the farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see” is a perfectly suitable quote to understand the animosity of the US with Iran. The possible military intervention against Iran or at least diplomatic and economic pressure by the US and its regional allies is not about the plight of Iranian people, not even about nukes rather for achieving a key American/Israeli/Saudi geopolitical objective in order to maintain the status quo into the region and to feed the war mongers of the military industrial complex.
The attempt to topple Iranian governments dates back to the military coup of Mohammad Mosaddegh in 1953 which CIA Officially confirmed after 60 years of the incident in 2013. The coup was fermented by USA and Britain in order to prevent the renationalization of Anglo-Iranian Oil Company. The Iranian oil reserves were under the control of Britain since 1908 when Anglo-Persian Oil Company was established which was later rebranded as Anglo-Indian Oil Company (1935) and British Petroleum (BP) in 1954, which till date has survived by that name. Mohammad Mosaddegh was threatening the British control over Iranian oil, thus a coup was organized in 1953 and a pro-western puppet by the name of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was installed as the Monarch of Iran. Mohammad Reza Pahlavi remained in power till 1979 when the Islamic Revolution broke out in Iran and a new constitution whose one part was theocratic and another one democratic under the leadership of Ayatollah Khomeini was established. The long period of British exploitation of Iranian resources ended and the US felt enraged as it has always sabotaged any opposition against British hegemony in the country. Thus it is easy to picture that animosity of US with Iran dates back to more than a century since 1908. The history of the last 200 years shows that Iran has always remained a perpetuator of peace and never invaded any country but its enemies have used every possible tool to undermine the government in Tehran.
According to a 2007 report published in the “New Yorker,” the Bush administration has significantly shifted its middle east strategy, referred to as “Redirection” by some white house officials, that will bring the US and its regional allies like Israel and Fanatic Wahhabis to a direct military confrontation with Iran. During the same year Globalists insider and CFR member “Gary Heart” wrote an article under the title “Unsolicited advice to the government of Iran” in order to warn the Tehran against a possible false flag attack by the US to justify a war.
In addition to a long history of military threats, Iran is also facing a war in cyberspace, economic front and a political oppression on the global scale. According to an article published in the New York Times on February 16, 2016 “Stuxnet” computer worm discovered in 2010 was designed by US and Israel to specially target Iran’s Natanz uranium enrichment facility. Stuxnet is only one element of a much broader contingency plan known as “Nitro Zeus” to target Iran’s air defense, communication systems, and power grids.
In 2012, Benjamin Netanyahu Israeli prime minister through cartoonists propaganda at UN portray Iran as a nuclear threat and like Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction, the Iranian nuclear threat was a deliberate fabrication. Later IAEA reported that there is no evidence what so ever that Iran’s is trying to build a nuclear bomb and even Mossad contradicts its own prime minister by confirming in leaked cables that “Iran was not performing the actions necessary to produce the nuclear weapon” and later it was confirmed that CIA is trying to plant evidence of nuclear weapons development in Iran. The Mujahedin-e-Khalq the US-designated terrorist organization responsible for political assassinations, bombings, attempted plane hijackings and killing of civilians in an attempt to overthrow the government of Iran and is publicly supported by prominent western politicians like Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani, Joe Lieberman and others as they are the right kind of terrorist targeting the Iran.
A dubious BBC report on November 10, 2017, was used by Israel as a pretext to conduct air strikes against alleged Iranian targets in Syria during December 2017. The animosity of US ally Israel is so serious towards Iran that even Iranian scientists were assassinated by Mossad which was later confirmed by a respected Israeli American Journalist in his book “Spies against Armageddon” by mentioning that “ for such a dangerous, sensitive and daring mission as series assassinations in Iran’s Capital, the Mossad would never depend on Hired-gun mercenaries”.
History repeats itself but this time it may be under different pretext with the same old motives as the war with Iran is meaningless unless it serves the interests of Anglo-American oil giants. It is easy to picture that when SadamHosein was overthrown, within no time petrodollar status was again put into the operation in Iraq and the same petrodollar is being challenged by Iran as it is selling its oil through bilateral trade agreements thereby bypassing the US dollar. So in this scenario war against Iran is unavoidable.
The military industrial complex has divided the Middle East into two major power blocks a pro-US block led by Saudi monarchy and a pro-Russian block led by the Iranian government and both these power blocks have their respective proxy militias fighting each other in Syria Yemen and in Iraq. Both Saudi monarchy and the Iranian government are trying to maintain their hegemony into the region and usually act according to the intelligence inputs from global powers. So US invasion to Iran is going to eradicate the greatest enemy of Saudi monarchy as we have witnessed when recent sanctions were imposed on Iranian oil exports, Saudi Arabia immediately agreed to fill the energy vacuum caused by restricted oil exports from Iran. This is not the first case when Saudi Arabia has supported the brutal invasion of other countries, like back in 2011 when Libya was attacked, then Saudi monarchy immediately increased oil exports in order to meet the global energy demands thereby eradicated any probability to stop the war against Gadhafi. Otherwise, concerns for global energy crisis may have forced the US to abandon its invasion of Libya.
The puzzle of endless wars is a gold mine for western weapons manufacturers as they occupy the most important niche in the military industrial complex. As the US and its allies are beating the drums of war and at the same time, the US weapons producers are the recipient of the US Department of defense multibillion-dollar procurement contracts for advanced weapons systems. Iran is only one piece in a global warfare of western military industrial complex as they are trying to neutralize Iran through gunboat diplomacy after failure from other fronts.
The possible war against Iran is also an attempt to contain the influence of Russia and China into the Middle East as the success of Bashar Al-Assad has become a nightmare for them and bilateral trade agreements are challenging the hegemony of US dollar. The long-term military objective of US is to bring down entire eastern power block by attacking China and Russia. In a bid to provoke Russia and China the US, NATO, and other allies are conducting military exercises, weapons deployment, and war drills etc. simultaneously in major geopolitical hotspots. The US naval deployments in Bulgaria, Romania on the black sea and the deployment of early warning systems in the Czech Republic is a direct threat to Russian Federation, while the activities of US military in the sea of Japan, south china sea and the Taiwan straits is a threat to Chinese sovereignty.
(The writer is an independent researcher and can be reached at: [email protected])