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Top Health Benefits Of Basil Seeds You Simply Cannot Miss

Basil seeds are extracted from the seeds of Ocium sanctum plant. Health benefits of basil seeds are numerous. They are commonly used in desserts and drinks and are also recommended as part of Ayurveda and ancient Chinese medicine. Basil seeds have been used as a home remedy for many years. They are packed with nutrition and contain high amounts of protein, fibre and iron. Consuming basil seeds do no result in an addition to your daily calorie intake. Also known as sabja seeds, basil seeds provide numerous health benefits like being good for digestion, weight loss, treating cough and cold, boosting immunity and much more.

Following are some amazing health benefits of basil seeds you must know:

1. They can reduce inflammation in the body

Anti-inflammatory properties in basil seeds can help in dealing with swelling, edema and other conditions which are associated with inflammation. It can also help in dealing with diarrhoea because of their inhibitory effect on inflammatory pathways in the body.

2. Immunity

Flavonoids and phenolic content of basil seeds make them good for improving body’s immunity. Basil seeds are rich in anti-oxidants which offer protection from the damage caused by free radicals in the body. This damage can cause ageing and cause cellular damage as well.

3. Digestive health

Basil seed play quite a similar role to chia seeds when it comes to its benefits on the digestive health. It swells up to form a gelatinous layer which helps in soothing of the digestive tract. Fibre content in basil seeds contribute to improving digestion. Basil seeds can be helpful for dealing with constipation, dysentery and diarrhoea. Anti-inflammatory properties in basil seeds make them effective for treating mouth ulcers. Basil seeds also have diuretic properties.

4. Cardiovascular health

Basil seeds can be helpful in maintaining cholesterol levels in the body. They are used as part of Ayurveda for treatment of hypertension or high blood pressure. High cholesterol levels and high blood pressure are two conditions which can have a negative impact on heart health. Basil seeds can help in reducing high lipid levels and exert a cardio-protective effect on the body.

5. They help in reducing stress

Basil seeds have a soothing and calming effect on the mind. They can help in reducing stress and tension. You can consume basil seeds if you experience mental fatigue and depression. Basil seeds give a boost to your mood.

6. They can be used for treating cough and cold

Conditions like common cold, asthma and cough can be treated with the help of basil seeds. They have an anti-spasmodic effect which helps in bringing improvement to condition like common cold and cough. You can also use them for bringing down fever.

7. Basil seeds can help in weight loss

Basil seeds are low in calories and can reduce appetite, thus helping those on a weight loss regime. High fibre content in basil seed makes you feel full for longer. They reduce hunger pangs. You can include them in your weight loss diet in order to lose weight more effectively.

8. Basil seed oil has healthy fatty acids

Basil seeds have phytochemicals such as oleic acid and linolenic acids. Basil seed oil has a good source of fatty acids. It has omega 3 fatty acids which are good for cardiovascular health. Basil seeds can make for a good choice of cooking oil.

9. Oral health

Basil seeds have anti-inflammatory properties which can help in treating mouth ulcers. They have antimicrobial, antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties which are good for oral health. They make for a great mouth freshener and can be helpful in treating bad breath, plaque and cavities.