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Top 5 Worst Junk Foods And How Much Exercise Is Needed To Burn Them Off

‘No more junk food!’, that fake oath you take after finishing off a pizza or a cheeseburger, only to munch on a doughnut later or a bagel to start the day. We all know that junk food, in no way, is a healthy choice for our body. Refined carbs, high in fats, sugar and every possible thing that could harm your health, is present in junk food. Nevertheless, we continue to munch on such food. But have you ever thought as to how much exercise you might need to burn junk food calories?
We have lined up the top 5 worst junk foods, how much calories they contain and how much exercise it will take for you to burn these off. This serious eye-opener will induce you to re-think and reconsider your love for unhealthy food.
1. One slice of pepperoni pizza
Let’s face it, saying no to or turning your face away from a super-cheesy pepperoni pizza is one tough task. But are you aware of the calories this yummy slice of pizza contains? Just one slice contains 290 calories! To undo one slice of pepperoni pizza, you need to plan a 60-minute session of ballroom or swing dancing. You could also go for a 90-minute long walk or engage in household cleaning work.
2. Soft drinks
A 330 ml can of your favourite soft drink contain 190 calories. You may need 12-14 minutes of cardio and 16-19 minutes of weight training to burn off these calories. Workout requirements to burn it off can be different for both men and women.
3. Doughnuts
Doughnuts might be the ideal breakfast snack for you, but trust us, it’s not! One doughnut contains 260 calories. This, obviously, would not be the perfect way to prepare for swimsuit season. However, you can try putting on one to burn off the doughnut! 25 minutes of rigorous swimming will help you get rid of those extra calories of a doughnut.
4. A small slice of cake
Who likes saying no to a piece of moist, creamy and chocolaty cake! But burning off that little piece of sweet treat is not a piece of cake indeed. Those 312 calories would require you to put on your hiking shoes. 50 minutes of outdoor hiking will burn off those calories. You could also try grooming your yard for 45 minutes or an hour.
5. Cheeseburgers
Beef patty oozing with cheese, a perfect treat for your taste buds! One cheeseburger contains as many as 490 calories. To burn the calories you gain from this food, you would have to engage in a 42-51 minute long cardio session. You could also burn it off in a 57-68 minute long weight training session.
If this doesn’t curb your junk-food craving, we wonder what else would!