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Top 5 Foods That Increase Alzheimer’s Risk

One of the deadliest diseases in today’s world is Alzheimer’s, and that’s not the worst part. It is that disease which develops due to the consumption of an unhealthy diet over an extended period of time. Yes, food is that essential to Alzheimer’s development! Now there are certain foods which reduce the risk for you and some that simply make things worse. So if you wish to avoid Alzheimer’s later in life, you must rule out these foods from your diet now. Take a look.
1. Red meat
Red meats are loaded with iron, which is good for your body. However, too much of iron, too, is bad. Too much iron in the body ends up harming free radicals. And it doesn’t end here. Excess iron fills up in the ‘gray matter’ area in your brain. This part is the first one to show signs of ageing and degeneration. Excess iron in this part of the brain can increase the speed of ageing.
2. Refined carbs and sugar
A 2012 study showed that people who consume a diet rich in refined carbs and sugar were four times more likely to develop Alzheimer’s as compared to people who consumed a healthy diet. Natural carbs like starch and fibre aren’t unhealthy for the body. But carbs in processed foods are the unhealthy ones which spike your blood sugar levels. Over-time your body will develop insulin resistance which is a condition developed by Alzheimer’s patients.
3. Processed meats and cheese
Your favourite bacon, sausages, smoked turkeys, mozzarella cheese, American cheese and other processed varieties will just please your taste buds for a short period of time. They lead to the production of proteins responsible for Alzheimer’s development in the body. Also, processed meats contain nitrosamines which lead to excess fat production by the liver, which again is a factor responsible for the development of Alzheimer’s.
4. Microwave popcorn
Popcorn is a healthy snack. However, microwave popcorn isn’t as healthy. They contain the chemical responsible for amyloid plaques buildup in the brain. Researchers have linked this to an increased risk of Alzheimer’s.
5. Inorganic foods
Inorganic foods are out in the market, as the cheaper and more affordable variety. But not many people are aware of the fact that minor savings in the short run can land you with a long and elaborate bill after some years. Traces of pesticides in these foods can risk you with serious diseases like Alzheimer’s.