Top 10 Trimmers for Men: Best Options to Consider


Men today understand that personal grooming is more than just a routine; it’s a statement of self-care and style. Investing in a good trimmer has become essential for modern men looking to maintain a refined appearance effortlessly. A quality trimmer offers precision and adaptability, allowing men to control their grooming routine with finesse. Whether it’s maintaining a specific beard style or trimming body hair, opting for best trimmer for men can ensure a neat, well-groomed look.

Beyond convenience, a good trimmer embodies cost-efficiency. By owning a trimmer, men reduce the frequency of salon visits, saving both time and money in the long run. This self-sufficiency in grooming grants men the freedom to shape and maintain their appearance at their own pace, fostering a sense of independence and confidence.

Moreover, a quality trimmer offers versatility, catering to various grooming needs. With interchangeable heads and adjustable settings, a single trimmer can cater to different lengths and styles, streamlining the grooming process. This adaptability is crucial in aligning personal grooming routines with individual preferences, be it a full beard, a close shave, or intricate detailing.

The significance of a good trimmer extends beyond grooming; it’s a symbol of self-expression and personal upkeep. It’s about presenting oneself in the best possible light and feeling confident in one’s appearance. A trimmer isn’t merely a grooming tool; it’s an investment in personal style, convenience, and the ability to curate one’s look with precision and finesse, empowering men to take control of their grooming journey.

Here’s a selection of top 10 options in trimmers for men available on Amazon. Check them out here.

1) MENHOOD Battery Powered WaterProof Cordless Grooming Trimmer 2.0 for Men, with 4000k LED Spotlight & Power Status Display, Wireless Charging Support, Sensitive Skin Technology,150Min Runtime

The MENHOOD Battery Powered Waterproof Cordless Grooming Trimmer 2.0 redefines grooming with its innovative features. Boasting a 4000k LED Spotlight and Power Status Display, it ensures precision even in low-light conditions. With Wireless Charging Support and a sensitive skin-friendly design, it caters to diverse needs. Its exceptional 150-minute runtime ensures prolonged usage, while its waterproof nature adds convenience. This trimmer combines advanced technology with long-lasting performance, offering an efficient and reliable grooming experience for men seeking precision and adaptability in their grooming routine.

Specifications of MENHOOD Battery Powered Waterproof Cordless Grooming Trimmer 2.0:

Waterproof and cordless design

Equipped with a 4000k LED Spotlight

Features a Power Status Display

Supports Wireless Charging

Incorporates Sensitive Skin Technology

Impressive 150-minute runtime

Multiple grooming attachments included

Ergonomic design for comfortable handling

ProsConsInnovative Lighting: 4000k LED Spotlight ensures precise grooming even in low-light conditions.Possibly Pricier: Advanced features might come with a higher price tag.Long Runtime: Offers an extended runtime of 150 minutes, suitable for longer grooming sessions.Dependence on Charging: Cordless operation may require regular charging, which can interrupt grooming sessions.

2) Zlade Ballistic TURBO 3.0 Manscaping Body Trimmer for Men | Private Part Shaving | Beard, Pubic Hair Groomer | Waterproof, Cordless, Rechargeable | Wireless Fast Charging, Travel Lock | 1.5mm Sensitive Comb, Zero Nicks or Cuts

The Zlade Ballistic TURBO 3.0 Body Trimmer is a versatile grooming essential designed for precision. Tailored for private part shaving and beard or pubic hair grooming, it offers a waterproof and cordless build, ensuring flexibility and ease of use. With its wireless fast charging capability and travel lock feature, it guarantees convenience and portability. The inclusion of a 1.5mm Sensitive Comb ensures meticulous grooming, promising zero nicks or cuts. This trimmer embodies innovation, offering specialized features for sensitive grooming needs, making it an ideal choice for those seeking meticulous and safe grooming experiences.

Specifications of Zlade Ballistic TURBO 3.0 Body Trimmer:

Specifically designed for private part shaving and grooming beard/pubic hair

Waterproof and cordless design for convenient usage

Rechargeable with wireless fast charging capability

Features a travel lock for portability and safety

Equipped with a 1.5mm Sensitive Comb for precision

Promises zero nicks or cuts for safe grooming

Ergonomic design for comfortable handling

Durable construction for long-term use

ProsConsSpecialized Grooming: Tailored for specific grooming needs, ensuring precise results.Possibly Specialized: Might be limited to certain grooming tasks and not ideal for general use.Safe and Efficient: Zero nicks or cuts feature promotes safe grooming experiences.Higher Cost: Advanced features might come with a higher price point compared to standard trimmers.

3) Philips Multi Grooming Kit MG3710/65, 9-in-1 (New Model), Face, Head and Body – All-in-one Trimmer for Men Self Sharpening Stainless Steel Blades, No Oil Needed, 60 Mins Run Time

The Philips Multi Grooming Kit MG3710/65, a versatile 9-in-1 grooming solution, offers comprehensive grooming from face to body. Featuring self-sharpening stainless steel blades, it ensures durability and precision without the need for oil. With an impressive 60-minute runtime, it caters to prolonged grooming needs. This all-in-one trimmer provides various attachments for diverse grooming requirements, accommodating facial, head, and body grooming. Its maintenance-free design simplifies upkeep, while the enduring blades promise longevity. Philips delivers a multifunctional grooming kit that merges durability, efficiency, and versatility, making it a reliable choice for men seeking a comprehensive grooming solution.

Specifications of Philips Multi Grooming Kit MG3710/65:

9-in-1 grooming kit for face, head, and body

Self-sharpening stainless steel blades for durability

Maintenance-free design, no oil needed

Offers a runtime of 60 minutes

Versatile attachments for various grooming needs

Suitable for facial, head, and body grooming

Ergonomic design for comfortable use

Multifunctional and comprehensive grooming solution

ProsConsVersatile Grooming: Offers a range of attachments for face, head, and body grooming needs.Limited Runtime: 60 minutes might be insufficient for prolonged grooming sessions.Maintenance-Free: Self-sharpening blades and no oil requirement simplify upkeep.Attachment Complexity: Multiple attachments might be overwhelming for some users initially.

4) MI Beard Trimmer for men, full body Waterproof IPX7, 90 mins runtime, Fast Charging, 40 length settings, cordless+ corded dual use, charging indicator, Travel lock, Black

The MI Beard Trimmer for men offers a versatile grooming experience. With a full-body waterproof rating of IPX7, it ensures convenience in various grooming environments. Its impressive 90-minute runtime, coupled with fast charging, ensures uninterrupted grooming sessions. Featuring 40 length settings, it provides precise grooming options. The dual-use functionality, allowing both cordless and corded operation, adds flexibility. Equipped with a charging indicator and travel lock, this trimmer ensures ease of use and portability. In sleek black, MI’s trimmer embodies functionality and adaptability, catering to diverse grooming needs while maintaining user-friendly design and efficiency.

Specifications of :MI Beard Trimmer:

IPX7 full-body waterproof rating

90 minutes of runtime on a single charge

Fast charging functionality

40 length settings for precise grooming

Cordless and corded dual-use capability

Charging indicator for battery status

Travel lock feature for portability and safety

Sleek black design for aesthetic appeal

ProsConsVersatile Operation: Cordless and corded use options for flexibility.Possible Complexity: 40 length settings might be overwhelming for some users initially.Extensive Runtime: Long 90-minute runtime suitable for extended grooming sessions.Charging Time: Despite fast charging, the time taken for a full charge may impact immediate use.

5) Bombay Shaving Co Trimmer Men, 2X Fast Charging, 2 Yr Warranty, 80Min runtime, Hair Trimmer, Shaving Machine, Cordless Beard, 38 length Settings, Flash USB Cable fast Charging (Black)

The Bombay Shaving Co Trimmer for Men is a grooming marvel offering convenience and performance. With 2X fast charging capabilities and an 80-minute runtime, it ensures prolonged and efficient grooming sessions. This multifunctional device serves as both a hair trimmer and a shaving machine, catering to diverse grooming needs. Its cordless design and 38 length settings provide precise beard grooming options. The inclusion of a flash USB cable ensures rapid charging. Backed by a 2-year warranty and presented in sleek black, Bombay Shaving Co’s trimmer embodies reliability and versatility, making it an ideal grooming companion for men seeking efficiency and style.

Specifications of Bombay Shaving Co Trimmer for Men:

2X fast charging capability

80-minute runtime on a single charge

Functions as both a hair trimmer and shaving machine

Cordless design for convenience

38 length settings for precise grooming

Flash USB cable for rapid charging

Presented in sleek black color

Backed by a 2-year warranty

ProsConsVersatile Grooming: Functions as both a hair trimmer and shaving machine for varied grooming needs.Possible Complexity: 38 length settings might be overwhelming for some users initially.Long Warranty: Offers a substantial 2-year warranty, ensuring reliability and customer confidence.Limited Runtime: 80 minutes might not suffice for extended or multiple grooming sessions.

6) Vega SmartOne S3 Beard Trimmer Men, 160 mins Runtime, IPX7 Waterproof & 40 Length Settings, Green, (VHTH-36)

The Vega SmartOne S3 Beard Trimmer for Men redefines grooming with an exceptional 160-minute runtime, ensuring prolonged and uninterrupted grooming sessions. Featuring IPX7 waterproofing, it promises convenience and reliability in various grooming environments. With 40 length settings, it offers precise grooming options for diverse styles. Presented in an appealing green hue, its ergonomic design adds aesthetic value. The VHTH-36 model embodies versatility, combining extensive runtime, waterproofing, and a multitude of length settings, making it a top choice for men seeking an efficient and adaptable grooming companion.

Specifications of Vega SmartOne S3 Beard Trimmer for Men:

Impressive 160-minute runtime

IPX7 waterproof rating for versatile use

Offers 40 precise length settings

Ergonomic design tailored for men’s grooming needs

Stylish green color presentation

VHTH-36 model number designation

Cordless operation for convenience

Versatile and adaptable for various grooming styles

ProsConsExtended Runtime: 160-minute runtime ensures prolonged grooming sessions.Possibly Overwhelming: 40 length settings might be complex for some users initially.Versatile Grooming: Offers 40 length settings for precise grooming flexibility.Limited Color Options: Available only in green, limiting color preferences for users.

7) BEARDO Ninja-X Vacuum Trimmer for Men | Beard Trim & Clean 2-in-1 Trimmer with Vacuum Suction Mode | Ceramic Blades, LED display, 3 Limit Combs | No Mess Trimming

The BEARDO Ninja-X Vacuum Trimmer revolutionizes grooming with its 2-in-1 functionality, blending beard trimming and cleaning. Incorporating a unique vacuum suction mode, it ensures a mess-free grooming experience. Featuring ceramic blades for precision, an LED display for ease of use, and three limit combs for varied grooming styles, it caters to diverse needs. This innovative trimmer promises meticulous grooming without the hassle of stray hairs, making it an ideal choice for those seeking an efficient and tidy grooming solution that combines functionality with convenience and ease of use.

Specifications of BEARDO Ninja-X Vacuum Trimmer:

2-in-1 Trimmer for beard trimming and cleaning

Vacuum suction mode for a mess-free experience

Ceramic blades for precise grooming

LED display for easy navigation

Includes 3 limit combs for versatile grooming styles

Efficiently ensures no-mess trimming

Designed specifically for men’s grooming needs

Combines functionality with ease of use

ProsConsMess-Free Grooming: Vacuum suction mode ensures a tidy grooming experience.Possibly Complex: The vacuum suction feature might be tricky for some users initially.Versatile Grooming: Includes 3 limit combs for varied grooming styles.Higher Maintenance: The vacuum feature might require more attention for cleaning and maintenance.

8) VGR Professional Battery Powered Rechargeable Cordless Beard Hair Trimmer Kit with Guide Combs Brush USB Cord for Men, Family or Pets, Multicolor

The VGR Professional Battery Powered Rechargeable Cordless Beard Hair Trimmer Kit is a versatile grooming essential suitable for men, family, or even pets. Powered by a rechargeable battery, this cordless trimmer offers convenience and portability. Accompanied by guide combs and a brush, it ensures precise grooming for varied needs. The inclusion of a USB cord facilitates easy charging. Presented in a vibrant multicolor design, this trimmer embodies versatility, catering to diverse grooming needs for men, family members, or even pet grooming, offering an efficient and adaptable solution in a single kit.

Specifications of VGR Professional Battery Powered Rechargeable Cordless Beard Hair Trimmer Kit:

Battery-powered and rechargeable for convenience

Cordless design for easy maneuverability

Comes with guide combs and a brush for precise grooming

Includes a USB cord for effortless charging

Versatile application for men, family, or pet grooming

Multicolor design for aesthetic appeal

Ergonomic and user-friendly for comfortable use

Compact and portable for on-the-go grooming

ProsConsVersatile Use: Suitable for grooming men, family members, or pets, offering diverse applications.Possibly Limited Features: Might lack advanced features compared to specialized trimmers.Portability: Cordless design and USB charging make it convenient for travel and on-the-go use.Multicolor Design: Some users might prefer a more neutral or single-color design.

9) Philips Multi Grooming Kit MG7715/65, 13-in-1 (New Model), Face, Head and Body – All-in-one Trimmer for Men Power adapt technology for precise trimming, 120 Mins Run Time with Quick Charge

The Philips Multi Grooming Kit MG7715/65, a 13-in-1 versatile grooming solution, caters to face, head, and body grooming needs. Utilizing Power Adapt technology, it ensures precise trimming, offering versatility for various styles. With an impressive 120-minute runtime and quick charge functionality, it ensures extended grooming sessions without interruption. This all-in-one trimmer for men presents a comprehensive grooming experience, accommodating multiple grooming requirements in a single device. The inclusion of various attachments, coupled with the extended runtime, positions it as a reliable and adaptable grooming tool, promising efficiency and convenience for diverse grooming needs.

Specifications of Philips Multi Grooming Kit MG7715/65:

13-in-1 grooming kit for face, head, and body

Utilizes Power Adapt technology for precise trimming

Offers an extended runtime of 120 minutes

Quick charge functionality for swift recharging

Designed specifically for men’s grooming needs

Includes multiple attachments for versatile grooming options

All-in-one trimmer catering to various grooming requirements

Ergonomic design for comfortable and user-friendly use

ProsConsComprehensive Grooming: 13-in-1 kit for face, head, and body grooming needs.Possibly Overwhelming: The abundance of attachments might be confusing for some users initially.Extended Runtime: 120 minutes runtime offers prolonged grooming sessions.Higher Price Range: Might be relatively expensive compared to basic grooming kits.

10) Morphy Richards Kingsman Pro 12-in-1 Body Groomer|3Months of Trimming*| Fast USB Charging| Multi-Grooming Kit|5Face Nose Ear Hair blades|7Beard Combs| PrivatePart Shaving|2-Yr Warranty by Brand|Black

The Morphy Richards Kingsman Pro 12-in-1 Body Groomer redefines grooming with a comprehensive multi-grooming kit. Offering three months of trimming*, it boasts fast USB charging, ensuring minimal downtime. Featuring a versatile kit with 5 face, nose, and ear hair blades, 7 beard combs, and provisions for private part shaving, it caters to diverse grooming needs. Backed by a 2-year warranty, the Kingsman Pro, presented in sleek black, ensures reliability and durability. This grooming powerhouse by Morphy Richards is an ideal choice, combining multiple functionalities, long-lasting performance, and warranty assurance for a complete grooming experience.

Specifications of Morphy Richards Kingsman Pro 12-in-1 Body Groomer:

12-in-1 body groomer offering versatile grooming options

Includes 5 face, nose, and ear hair blades for precise grooming

Equipped with 7 beard combs for varied beard styling

Facilitates private part shaving for comprehensive grooming

Provides 3 months of trimming*

Fast USB charging capability for minimal downtime

Sleek black design for aesthetic appeal

Backed by a reassuring 2-year warranty by the brand

ProsConsComprehensive Grooming: Offers multiple grooming options in one kit.Possible Complexity: May be overwhelming for users with excessive grooming functionalities.Warranty Assurance: Backed by a substantial 2-year warranty, ensuring durability.Limited Trimming Period: The three-month trimming* period might not suit all users’ needs.

3 best features for you

Product NameFeature 1Feature 2Feature 3MENHOOD Battery Powered WaterProof Cordless Grooming Trimmer 2.04000k LED SpotlightWireless Charging SupportSensitive Skin TechnologyZlade Ballistic TURBO 3.0 Manscaping Body TrimmerPrivate Part ShavingWireless Fast Charging1.5mm Sensitive CombPhilips Multi Grooming Kit MG3710/659-in-1 TrimmerSelf Sharpening Blades60 Mins Run TimeMI Beard TrimmerIPX7 Waterproof90 Mins Runtime40 Length SettingsBombay Shaving Co Trimmer2X Fast Charging2 Yr Warranty38 Length SettingsVega SmartOne S3 Beard Trimmer160 Mins RuntimeIPX7 Waterproof40 Length SettingsBEARDO Ninja-X Vacuum TrimmerVacuum Suction ModeCeramic BladesLED DisplayVGR Professional Beard Hair TrimmerRechargeable CordlessMulticolorUSB Cord IncludedPhilips Multi Grooming Kit MG7715/6513-in-1 TrimmerPower Adapt Technology120 Mins Run TimeMorphy Richards Kingsman Pro 12-in-1 Body GroomerFast USB ChargingMulti-Grooming Kit2-Yr Warranty

Best value for money

The MI Beard Trimmer for men stands out as the best value for money product among these options. Offering a compelling combination of features like IPX7 waterproofing, 90 minutes runtime, versatile 40 length settings, and the convenience of cordless or corded use, it ensures precision grooming at an affordable price. The inclusion of a charging indicator and travel lock enhances its user-friendly design. With a sleek black finish and a range of functionalities, the MI Beard Trimmer delivers reliable performance, durability, and diverse grooming options, making it a smart investment for grooming needs without breaking the bank.

Best overall product

The Philips Multi Grooming Kit MG7715/65 emerges as the best overall product from the listed options. This 13-in-1 all-in-one trimmer for men offers Power Adapt Technology for precise trimming, ensuring versatility in grooming needs. With an impressive 120 minutes runtime and quick charge capability, it stands out for its extended usability. Its comprehensive grooming kit, featuring face, head, and body grooming accessories, along with 2-year warranty coverage, signifies reliability and durability. This Philips trimmer combines technological innovation, extensive runtime, and a wide array of grooming options, making it a comprehensive and top-notch grooming solution for men seeking versatility and performance.

How to buy best trimmer for men in India

To find the best trimmer for men in India, consider several key factors. Start by assessing your grooming needs: beard styling, body grooming, or both. Look for trimmers with versatile attachments and length settings that match your preferred styles. Ensure it’s waterproof for convenient cleaning and consider runtime and charging options for uninterrupted grooming sessions. Check for durable, sharp blades and ergonomic designs for comfortable handling. Reading user reviews, comparing features, and considering reputable brands offering warranties and after-sales support will aid in making an informed choice. Prioritize features aligned with your grooming routine for a trimmer that delivers precision, convenience, and durability.

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