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Top 10 things to be careful about when choosing the right student accommodation


If you are intending on living abroad for your exchange program or even for pursuing your degree from a foreign university, housing or accommodation is one of the first things that you need to look for before even beginning to settle down for the new life. A lot of first-years are lost when it comes to finding the right students rooms Glasgow. There are multiple factors to look for that they are unaware of and even the place is completely new for them. To help make your decision-making a bit easier, here are the top ten points that you must ascertain in your new accommodation before moving in:


Dampness is not just about the aesthetic appeal of the place; it is more about the cleanliness and safety of the place. If the place you are looking at has molds, damp smell or even flaky wallpapers, be alert that the place might have damp issues. Dampness might not be a bid deal in hot or tropical countries but in the UK, it can become a huge headache even though it’s not winter. Imagine blasting your heater yet the room still feels damp and stuffy because of some probable leakage or molds. It can ruin your clothing and even furniture for good. Always be clear about such situations before moving in.


2.Rats or pest!

Although this might not be completely due to the landlord’s carelessness but it is still their duty to make sure that the place, they own is in proper living condition. Pests like rats, mice, cockroaches, slugs might not be visible at first but if you pay more attention to the corners and any proper cracks or crevices, you can easily find out if the place is pest-infested. If you do come across any suspected pests, immediately request a pest-control before you decided to move in.


Location is the most important factor when it comes to property. No matter how clean or charming a place might be, if it is not close or accessible from the place of your work or university then it has no use to you. Living way too far away from the place of your interest would simply burden you with wastage of time and transformational expenses every day. If you cannot find a place close to your university, then find the place which is closest to the linking transformational links like bus stops, metro stations, etc. This would make it easier for you to travel as per your need.


Once you have sorted the location is good and the place is clean and hygienic as well, it is time to look outside the place- the neighbourhood. You would not want to be disturbed late at night by the honking of cars or buses or from the noise of local pubs or night bars. There are a lot of neighbourhoods that might seem quiet and peaceful in the daytime but are quite noisy at night due to business establishments. Make sure to check the area and inquire about the same before deciding to move in.


Living in a foreign country require diligence and a keen eye on your end. You would not want to robbed or harassed by susceptible criminals. Unfortunately, there are bad people out there who specially target student accommodations for burglaries and other crimes. As a tenant, you have to make sure that your place has proper security measures in place and has strong locks and doors as well. Broken or loose locks can become a real danger in unfortunate times. Make sure to get any such item or part of the place immediately replaced before moving in.


Student accommodations usually come with pre-installed electrical appliances such as induction stoves, fridges, etc. Make sure to check that they are in proper working order and do not have any dangerous defect. Also, be clear about their additional charges (if any) with the landlord. Also, get the sockets and wiring checked once before you move in.

7.Water supply

Student accommodations house many individuals unlike common flats or condos. Due to the higher population, sometimes basic amenities like electricity or water can fall short. Before deciding to move in, ask clearly about the condition of the water supply and quota of usage (if any). Also, check the toilet flush and other water tank system to make sure they are proper working condition.


Many agents or landlords may advertise that their place is the most comfortable student house with a comfy-looking couch and cushioned chairs but do not get swayed easily. Check for all the proper furnishings and fittings as mentioned in your tenant contract. In case, you spot a few furniture missing or broken, immediately flag the same to get their notice.

9. Insulation

Energy bills cost big chunks in a student’s budget in Europe. The weather is cold and freezing in winters and you simply cannot survive with just a few sweaters. A proper insulation and heating options can save you from burden of energy bills. Check if the heating system and insulation of the place you are looking at our energy-efficient and there are no defects in its working. The walls should not feel damp or cold with the insulation on.

10.Nothing is actually free

There is no such thing as a completely free feature or offer when it comes to properties. Either it is something left behind the previous tenants for a reason or is a gimmick by the landlord to lure in naïve tenants. For example, free Wi-Fi might sound amazing for young students but that does not mean that the ‘free’ Wi-Fi would actually be good enough for proper use. In most of the cases, the Wi-Fi is either broken for most of the year or is limited to a point it is useless. Don’t get lured in by free gimmicks. Be cautious and think before believing an advertiser’s words.

With the above tips, it would be much easier for you to settle down in good accommodation in no time. Be careful and choose the best place to make your stay worthwhile.