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Threads App Struggles to Gain Traction Among Users. Time To Pull The Plug?

September 26, 2023

It’s okay to admit defeat, especially when something is not working out.

Meta’s Twitter clone, Threads, has experienced a continuous decline in its active user base, exacerbated by the recent introduction of its browser version. Data from SimilarWeb indicates that the Threads app initially saw a modest increase in users when the browser version was launched. However, it appears that most app users migrated to Threads.net, resulting in a decline of approximately 13% in app usage, while the browser version gained a similar number of new users, amounting to 133,000 unique users.

MarketWatch’s latest report reveals that the daily active user count for Threads has dwindled to a mere 1.1 million, marking a significant drop from July when the app boasted 3.4 million users. This decline follows a tumultuous summer for Threads, during which it hemorrhaged approximately 80% of its user base. Prominent brands like Wendy’s and Anthropologie ceased their activity on the platform during this sharp decline, as noted by AdWeek.

In all honesty, Threads faded from my radar for a while. Managing yet another social media app became an uphill battle, especially with my existing commitments on popular platforms like X (formerly Twitter) and others. Many of us grapple with an overwhelming number of apps on our devices, yet we tend to stick to a handful of favorites. When it comes to messaging and social media, time investment becomes a crucial factor. While I can effortlessly communicate with friends overseas on WhatsApp, Threads demands more thought and originality in my posts, and the limited reach to only a few hundred people further diminishes the incentive.

It’s an often-repeated phrase, but it holds true: a rising tide lifts all boats. Unfortunately, Threads seems to be a vessel sinking into obscurity, lacking the momentum to keep users engaged. This situation discourages those of us already swamped with numerous apps, excessive micromanagement, and inadequate returns on our time investments.

Recent speculations about both Meta and X contemplating subscription fees raise questions about their understanding of the significant time users invest in posting and cultivating followers. In an ironic twist, Threads might need to start compensating users to retain their interest, though that seems unlikely.

What could reinvigorate Threads? As always, innovation and value remain paramount. The app must introduce something truly groundbreaking and irresistible to rekindle user enthusiasm, even if it requires additional time and effort. A revolutionary feature or a novel concept is the need of the hour. Strikingly, both X and Threads find themselves in a similar predicament; lacking novelty and user interest. In a competitive landscape, an app that fails to offer substantial value is destined to remain dormant on users’ devices.

Inevitably, users will notice, and the app will meet its final deletion.

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