‘The Redwood’: Asia’s only surviving plant species discovered in Kashmir; CSIR declares it heritage tree’

January 30, 2023
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Srinagar: A giant tree in the Tangmarg area has become a center of attraction for people and researchers.

This redwood tree, which scientists claimed is more than 150- year-old, is believed to be the only surviving species in the whole of Asia.

Botanically known as Sequoiadendron Giganteum,  the tree is currently being conserved at Field Station Council of Science and Industrial Research (CSIR) Yarikha in Tangmarg.

This species is commonly found in the forests of North America, California, and China where it is being declared endangered.

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“This tree is very rare and is the first such tree to be found in the whole of Asia. These trees are found in California, North America, and China and have a life cycle of above 4000 years. We are lucky to have this tree in Kashmir,” said Qazi Parveiz  In-charge of the Indian Institute of Integrated Medicine.

He said till now multiple teams of researchers and forest officials have visited the area to study the features and age of the tree.

“After noticing this tree, I contacted many forest officers to know more about it. They even visited here and examined the tree but did not find any similar species anywhere. Now, we have taken samples of this tree to know more about it and I am presently scanning of the samples to learn more about the origin of the unique tree,” he said.

Given its rarity and distinctive features, the tree has been declared a heritage tree by the administration.

“Some two years before we had invited the former Director General of the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research and the tree was declared a heritage tree. In my studies I came to know that it is at least 150 years old,” Parveiz said.

The tree is in the shape of a huge Morchella Mushroom and remains green in all seasons.

“It draws the attention of the on-lookers by its size and looks. Interestingly the tree does not have any birds nest on it, which remains a mystery,” he said.

Parveiz said they are taking various preventive measures to conserve the tree. “We have stopped allowing common people to visit the tree. We have erected a boundary around the tree and take other measures to protect it,” he said.

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