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The new ‘national agenda’

editorial 3

‘Unite against Kashmiris’ is what can be conjectured from the attacks on Kashmiri students, businessmen and labourers across India in the aftermath of February-14 suicide attack on a CRPF convoy at Letapora on Srinagar-Jammu highway. Since these attacks are carried out without any fear of law or social reprehension, it appears that isolating Kashmir is a national agenda of all the political parties.The general elections for Lok Sabha are due in a couple of months and political parties are in search of ways and means to woo voters.

Kashmir and Kashmiris appear to be a handy issue for them. Former chief minister and National Conference (NC) vice president Omar Abdullah’s has genuinely questioned the silence on the part of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on these attacks and said that BJP is using Kashmiris to win upcoming general elections. Dr Farooq Abdullah too has joined his son in condemning the national silence on attacks on Kashmiris. Since the provocation for these attacks has come from sensitive quarters like Meghalayan Governor and several BJP legislators from different states, Modi cannot be given any kind of benefit of doubt. His silence amounts to the state approval for these attacks. With the law on their side, the attackers were encouraged by the senseless propaganda by media organizations that act as extension of Nagpur headquarters of RSS. The extremist Hindu elements are using social media and issuing open threats to Kashmiri people. In the northern Indian city of Dehradun, students shared posts on social media calling for their Kashmiri classmates to be kicked out of their universities. Groups marched through the streets, shouting that Kashmiris were traitors and should be shot. Landlords renting rooms to Kashmiri students were threatened. Almost similar scenes were witnessed in other universities where Kashmiri students are studying.


Some media reports yet to confirmed officially said that admission of many a Kashmiri students has been cancelled. Kashmiri traders were beaten and harassed in West Bengal, Maharashtra and other states. Modi-government is watching all this frenzy like a mute spectator.

Even more condemnable is the discreet silence the Congress leadership has maintained. One had expected the Congress leadership to come forward and take the lead in taking on the government and its sponsored elements for attacking Kashmiris but its silence exposed that Congress is not different from the BJP. Former finance minister and Congress leader P Chidambharam had been a regular tweeter on Kashmir, who would other Congress leaders speak. Rahul Gandhi, as leader of the opposition and head of a so called secular party, had moral obligation to speak against the divisive forces but his silence exposed his real face. It goes without saying that the Muslims of India have suffered the most under Congress rule. Over 30,000 anti Muslims riots have taken place across India under Congress rule since 1947. Babri Masjid, the centre of dispute between Muslims and Hindus of India was demolished in Congress rule. The special status enjoyed by Jammu and Kashmir under Indian constitution was eroded during Congress rule. It is not going overboard to say that Congress’ list of crimes against Muslims of India and the people of Jammu and Kashmir is bigger than other parties. The Congress’s anti Kashmir face got further exposed in the ongoing riotous campaign against Kashmiris. The Congress foot soldiers in Jammu and Kashmir also have adopted criminal silence. No Congress leader worth name has spoken a word over the loutish campaign against Kashmiri people in Jammu and outside states. It makes the scene as India versus Kashmir. India, however, is not devoid of saner elements. They should come forward and raise their voices against the madness being practiced in the streets.