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The Best Exercises To Burn Max Calories In The Least Time

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People on a weight loss regime wish that they lose weight in the quickest way possible. When it comes to weight loss, we all want it to happen in quickly and efficiently. This is the reason why fad diets and workout regimes which ensure quick weight loss have become such a popular trend in the present times. Quick weight loss is characterized by following the right workout regime with the proper technique, along with eating the right foods which aid weight loss. However, you must remember that the number of calories you burn will depend on your metabolism and the intensity of workouts.

In this article, we will discuss the best and quick weight loss exercises for you. Read on…


Here’s a list of the 5 best exercises you must try if you wish to order to lose weight in no time.

  1. Jumping rope

Jumping rope or skipping rope is one of the best ways to lose weight in no time. On an average, it can burn as many as 1074 calories in just one hour. Just a couple of jumps are good enough to get your heart pumping really fast. So try doing it in intervals. Jump for a couple of minutes, then stop and walk for a while and then jump again. This will help you maximize the benefits of your workout.

  1. Swimming

Summer season or the swimming season is here. Swimming is perhaps one of the most fun ways to lose weight quickly. High-intensity swimming can help you burn as many as 890 calories in just one hour. Experts say that even when your body is trying to warm due to cool water, it burns calories. Try different swim strokes each time to maximize the benefits of this exercise.

  1. Jogging

Jogging is a full-body workout which puts all your muscles to use and challenges your cardiovascular system. Even at a relaxed speed, you can burn as many as 755 calories in just one hour. Jogging is more like fast-paced walking and is a relaxed form of workout. Hence, it cannot be considered as high-intensity interval training.

  1. Running the stairs

Climbing stairs is a healthier option for you as compared to elevators and escalators because it keeps your body moving. But walking up and down the stairs does not burn calories; running does. Running up and down stairs increasing your heart rate and pumps more blood to all parts of your body. This induces high-calorie burn as compared to the number of calories you burn when you do the same on a flat surface.

  1. Battle ropes

For sculpted and strong arms, shoulders and back use the heavy, and thick battle ropes kept in the gym. Swinging these heavy ropes for just 10 minutes will help you burn 112 calories at a time.

  1. Burpees

Another exercise which puts your whole body to work is burpees. They challenge all your muscle groups and get your heart pumping at a fast rate. Start by standing straight with your arms by your side. Now jump and place your arms on the floor, and push your legs backward and come in the push-up position. Now bring your legs in front and jump up. This is one round. Now repeat multiple reps of this exercise. It will get your heart pumping very fast and will help you burn oodles of calories in no time.