Tableeghi Jamaat members go into self-quarantine in Kashmir

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Srinagar, Mar 31:  Tableeghi Jamaat members, who had attended a religious meeting in Jammu, said they have tested negative and quarantined themselves in their homes as a precautionary measure. 

Many of the members of the religious group had attended a religious function earlier this month in Jammu. The function was attended by some of Tableeghi members, who had arrived after participating in the congregation at Nizamuddin Markaz, New Delhi.  One of those with travel history to Nizamuddin later passed away.

Tableeghi Jamaat members said they had gone through medical screening and tests which came back negative. “Some 18 days ago, we had a Mashwara (meeting) in Jammu. All the participants who attended the meeting, have now tested negative,” said Rashid Ahmad, senior member of Tableeghi Jamaat, Baramulla. 

As a precautionary measure, all the members of the religious outfit have gone into quarantine.   

“Right now we have suspended all religious functions and confined ourselves to our homes. All the members of Tableeghi Jaamat have isolated themselves from the public,” he said.

Another member Mufti Masroor from Anantnag, who also came in contact with the deceased, too has quarantined himself.

In Pulwama, all Tableeghi mosques have been converted into quarantine centres.

A member of Tableeghi Jamaat said those who offered prayers in these mosques have confined themselves to their homes.

“It is a sort of precautionary measure as advised by the government. Since Tableeghi Jamaat has a wide reach in the entire valley, no religious gathering is being held in the district,” he said.

Maulana Saad heads one of the factions of Tableeghi Jamaat and its headquarters is in Bangla Wali Masjid at Nizamuddin, New Delhi.

 There are two factions of Tableeghi Jamaat in Kashmir. One is headed by Ameer Ahmad Khan. Another faction was headed by the deceased.

Khan led faction of Tableeghi Jamaat said they had suspended their religious tours soon after coronavirus broke in China.

“ Our head had already asked not to send Jammaat outside J&K when coronavirus spread in China. Though we have been holding religious functions here,” said a member of Tableeghi Jamaat headed by Amir Ahmad Khan.

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  1. Important clarification

    Everybody should know tableegi jamaat has two factions at the international level :
    1) Hezrat Moulana Saad sahib group working from Nizamudin Delhi.
    2) Aalmi Shura group which works from Masjid Faiz Illahi Turkaman Gate Delhi.

    Ameer Tablegi Jamaat of J&K+Ladakh, Hezrat Amer Ahmad Khan Sahib (commonly known as Parvaiz sb) belongs to Aalmi Shura group.. & it works from BARAMULLA ..
    It is important to mention here that the deceased Tableegi member belonged to the Hezrat moulana saad sb group working from Nizamudin.
    Aalmi Shura group headed by Amer Ahmad Khan sb ,working from Baramulla , has, at present, no contact with NIZAMUDIN, so as such , people connected to Shura group are not in any sort of self-quarantine, everyone is fine & doing well , nothing to worry about …

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