Surge in Chinese Pet Surgeries Sparks Concerns: Calls to Stop ‘Mickey Ear’ Trend Grow Louder

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In China, a disturbing trend has animal lovers up in arms: pet “Mickey Mouse ear” surgery. This cosmetic procedure, popularized by a clinic offering group discounts, involves trimming and shaping animals’ ears to resemble Disney’s iconic character. Experts warn of the physical pain and psychological distress this inflicts on pets, urging an immediate end to the trend.

The clinic’s advertisement promoting the surgery before the Chinese Spring Festival, mentioning a “factory’s” production schedule, only adds to the ethical concerns. This commodification of animal welfare is a stark reminder of the need for stronger protections for our furry companions.

According to the South China Morning Post, one advertisement for a pet clinic in the Beibei district of Chongqing in southwestern China, promoting a “Mickey ear” group purchase, has attracted significant attention. It says its special offer of 300 yuan (US$40) for the procedure to be performed by the Chinese Spring Festival will depend on the “factory’s” apparent “production schedule.”

Liu Yundong, a dean at Loving Care International Pet Medical Centre in Beijing, explained to the SCMP that “Mickey Mouse ears” surgery isn’t just a quick snip. It’s a two-part saga. First comes the anesthesia-heavy surgery, slicing and shaping the ears for half an hour. Then, the long haul: 20-60 days of frequent adjustments, molding the ears to stand tall forever. This agonizing process, far from a playful makeover, raises serious concerns about the physical and emotional toll on our furry friends.

“It is rarely performed in pet hospitals in tier-one cities but is common in dog kennels and breeding facilities. Currently, there are no legal restrictions on this surgery in China. It’s a moral issue,” Liu said.

“As veterinarians, we adhere to the principle of animal welfare and do not advocate these surgeries. The colleagues I’ve encountered are tacitly opposed to such surgeries.”

From agonizing procedures to the lasting scars of trauma, activists condemn the surgery’s impact on

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