`Still suspect’: Discrimination against US Muslims increased by 9%

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WASHINGTON: A new report has revealed that discrimination against Muslims in the US increased by nine percent in 2021.

Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) release the findings of the report, titled “Still Suspect: The Impact of Structural Islamophobia.”

According to the report, CAIR received 6,720 complaints nationwide last year involving a range of issues including immigration, travel discrimination, law enforcement, government overreach, hate and bias incidents, custody rights, school incidents, and free speech incidents.

“This represents the highest number of cases reported to CAIR in 27 years. This milestone is alarming,” said CAIR’s National Executive Director Nihad Awad at the press conference.

Awad noted that the report speaks for itself, adding “Islamophobia is structural and deep in our society.”

“Islamophobia has become mainstream in America. It made its way into the government institutions and public sphere through laws, policies, political rhetoric, and other manifestations,” he added.

In a breakdown, the group received 2,823 immigration and travel-related complaints, 745 workplace discrimination complaints, 553 denials of public accommodation complaints, 679 law enforcement and government overreach complaints, 308 hate and bias incidents related complaints, 278 complaints about incarceration rights, 177 complaints about school incidents, 56 anti-BDS free speech complaints, and 1,101 general complaints.

The report found that there was a 55% increase in law enforcement and government overreach complaints in 2021, while there was a 28% increase in hate and bias incidents that included the forcible removal of the hijab, or Muslim headscarf, harassment, vandalism, and physical assaults.

Awad believes the US government can be part of the solution in curbing Islamophobia.

“We urge today Congress to adopt legislation making federal funding for local law enforcement agencies contingent on those agencies documenting and reporting hate crimes to the FBI’s national database. This would offer an incentive for local law enforcement to take the threat of Islamophobia seriously,” he added.

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