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STC suggests these activities to keep children happy and strong in lockdown

Srinagar: Various studies have shown that the lockdown could affect the children psychologically and physically. 

Prolonged disassociation from classrooms and increasing screen time is becoming a bigger concern for every parent.


As such Save The Children (STC), an international NGO working for the rights and well-being of children, has come up with some points to keep children entertained during the lockdown besides improving test their creative side.

1. Making

The first point mentioned by STC suggests every parent to get creative with the child when going outside is not an option.  In this section, the NGO’s expert team have focussed for fun with the children to fill the time.

2. Den Building

In the creative section, the STC has advised the parents to use the household things like cushions, blankets, chairs or sheets to build a den using the ideas of the child. The NGO has shared a video also on making a pom pom of wool which can entertain the child. 

3. Cooking

Here in this section, the NGO talks about cooking meals and getting everyone involved in making the lockdown recipe and getting it on the table. The NGO has shared video clips of few of the lockdown recipe and baking of the finest cakes for the children.

4. Dancing 

The NGOs has suggested to keeping the lifestyle of children active during the lockdown by learning dances and showing best moves to the children.

5. Laughing

Sharing a laugh with the children has been equally stressed by the NGO, which believes it would relieve the children from the lockdown stress. It says that sharing a laugh can bring people together.

6. Stay at home with Peppa

The internationally reputed NGO has shared some all-new toy episodes, which shows how a cartoon character Peppa stayed at home, helping with cleaning and enjoying virtual calls while she can’t be with her friends. This section is aimed at teaching child how he or she can get accustomed with the new normal and stay connected with his or her friends using the digital mediums.