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Skills Tested during Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals Certification Exam


As of now, cloud computing is one of the newest technologies that is rapidly taking the world. Due to the popularity of Microsoft Azure cloud services, many companies decide to implement these services for their transition to the cloud. Thus, winning the Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals certification trough completing the Microsoft AZ-900 test is one of the best decisions that you could make for your career development. However, before you reach this status, you will need to develop certain sets of skills to excel in this AZ-900 assessment.


AZ-900 Relevant Skills for You to Develop

The certification path for the Microsoft accreditation for Azure Fundamentals includes four major topics, each of which is divided into several sections and has a different percentage in the overall structure of AZ-900. Thus, if you want to be successful in your Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals certification test, you should pay attention to the skill descriptions below.

The first domain assessed by AZ-900 deals with cloud concepts and how to give details about them. It weighs between 15 to 20% of a total exam number of questions and contains such categories as highlighting the benefits of using Azure cloud infrastructure & services and specifying the major differences between Software-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, and Infrastructure-as-a-Service concepts. Also, while preparing to master this AZ-900 area, you will learn more about Public, Private, and Hybrid models in cloud computing including their discrepancies.

The second part to be evaluated by AZ-900 is dedicated to describing core Azure services, with the total weight of 30-35%. It tests exam-takers’ ability to describe the basic Azure architectural components and to have a grasp of different Azure products like Virtual Machines, App Services, and Azure Kubernetes Service. Another subtopic here is dedicated to outlining various solutions available on Azure. For instance, candidates will learn how to define the Internet of Things or Big Data & Analytics. Finally, the last segment of this domain evaluates test-takers’ ability to work with Azure management tools like PowerShell, CLI, or Portal.

Characterizing security, privacy, compliance, and trust notions is the third area tested in the Azure Fundamentals certification assessment. For a successful implementation of Microsoft cloud services, candidates need to understand how to describe Azure network connectivity and be familiar with topics like Network or Application Security Groups. In addition to these, they will have to know how to define Azure Firewall and DDoS Protection. One more subtopic of this domain handles core Azure identity services, features as well as different security tools. At last, the final objectives of this AZ-900 section are dedicated to Azure governance methodologies, monitoring and reporting options in Azure, and describing privacy alongside compliance standards in Azure products & services. In particular, this topic has a total weight of 25-30%.

The final AZ-900 domain handles Azure pricing, service level agreements, and lifecycles. Around 20 to 25% of the total exam questions will be centered around this scope of knowledge. Through it, assessment-takers will have to know how to particularize Azure subscriptions, SLAs, service lifecycles in Azure, including different planning and management concepts.


Now that you know the topics tested by the Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals certification exam, there’s nothing else to do but to gather your ambition and start studying hard. The domains for this assessment are diverse and challenge your knowledge of various Azure concepts and products. However, as long as you understand the details for a test like this and choose verified training materials, then you are on the right track and your success is guaranteed!