‘Shooting was in Char Chinari, Habba Kadal’: ‘The Kashmir Files’ schedule cancelled due to Kashmir snow

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The Kashmir schedule of the upcoming movie ‘The Kashmir Files’ has been cancelled owing to adverse weather conditions in the valley.

The Vivek Ranjan Agnohortri film starring veteran actors Mithun Chakraborty and Anupam Kher was slated to shoot in Kashmir in the first week of January.

However, heavy snowfall in the region suspended air-connectivity for days.

“Added to this is the fact that there have been massive bookings in Jammu and Kashmir during the holiday season, which created security and logistical problems for the unit,” a report said.

According to it, the schedule had outdoor shoots lined up in the areas of Char Chinari, Hari Parbat Fort, and Habba Kadal. The makers plan to return and resume shooting next week if weather conditions permit.

The unit had earlier wrapped up an outdoor schedule in Uttarakhand and was scheduled to leave for Srinagar on January 4. The cast and crew took off from Dehradun airport and reached Delhi, but as there was heavy snowfall in Kashmir the airport was locked. As a result the film unit got stranded in Delhi airport for more than 10 hours, a source in the production team said.

The report quoted film’s director Vivek Ranjan Agnohortri confirming the news, saying: “Airport staff at Dehradun and Delhi airports went out of their way to make us comfortable. At Delhi airport they relinquished the entire excess baggage, which was of lakhs of rupees, saying it was complimentary from their side for what we had suffered. They even arranged a special bus for us to travel between terminals and airports thrice, because the flight was getting postponed. I realised we make a film like The Kashmir Files for a social cause and every citizen wants this film to be made. At times, a lot of our hardships are taken care of by the citizens and that is exactly what happened with us at the airports.”

Shooting of The Kashmir Files faced a couple of stumbling blocks earlier, too. Actor Mithun Chakraborty suffered food poisoning and later director Agnihotri battled severe pain in his leg.

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