`Sense of purpose and confidence’:  Sajad Lone holds ‘mega rally’ in Baramulla

BARAMULLA: Peoples Conference chairman Sajad Lone today held a massive power show in Baramulla in a run-up to the May 20 polls.

“Tens of thousands of workers and supporters attended with fervent passion and enthusiasm. From every corner of the Baramulla Parliamentary constituency, people of diverse backgrounds – Shia, Sunni, Pahari, Gujjars, and individuals from various walks of life – converged at the rally ground, embodying a tapestry of solidarity and a shared vision of dignity and development,” a party statement claimed.

Under the leadership of PC President Sajad Gani Lone, the rally echoed the fervent aspirations of North Kashmir’s populace, with an unprecedented presence of enthusiastic youth, alongside men, women, and revered elders.

Addressing the enthusiastic crowd, Lone articulated a compelling vision for development and dignity, harnessing the palpable sense of purpose and confidence permeating through the charged atmosphere and hopeful faces of the attendees.

The surge in emotions was visible as the attendees traversed a few kilometers from designated parking areas to embrace their leaders, kiss their foreheads, and pray for the party’s success, epitomizing a resolute pledge of unwavering support in the ongoing electoral journey.

This momentous gathering marks a watershed moment in North Kashmir’s journey, as Sajad Lone pledged unwavering advocacy for the region’s needs in Parliament. His commitment resonates deeply with the demand for concrete development initiatives and the restoration of dignity to every individual in the region.

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