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Self-restraint best suited response in violent situation: DGP

Srinagar, Sep 08: Urging youth to refrain from stone pelting, newly appointed Director General of Police (DGP) Dilbagh Singh on Saturday said that there can be a temptation to express anger, but stressed, the youth should not use stone pelting as a medium for expressing anger.

Dilbagh Singh who took over as DGP recently said that self-restraint was the best thing under circumstances.


Giving credit to the youth for the reduction in stone pelting incidents, the state police chief said that sometimes there is a temptation to express anger and stone pelting could be one of the medium people take to, to give vent to their anger but added that this mode should and can be avoided. He added that the reformative measures are also being taken for the stone pelters and said that generally police tends to be liberal with the boys keeping their little age into consideration but added that sometimes it becomes necessary for police to deal with those who are habitual of stone pelting.
Singh said that “youth are our assets and police is contemplating to strengthen and widen its pro-youth initiatives.”

Elaborating further, the DGP told that we are living in a situation where two forces are working simultaneously and one among them is hell-bent to keep the pot boiling and disturb the environment around.

Without naming anyone, Dilbagh Singh said that for those people who keep on fomenting trouble, this is not now their habit but a necessity.
He however said that while dealing with the culprits, the police always want to keep the innocents out from the action but sometimes some innocents also are affected due to those who want to see the situation adverse.

DGP said that policemen are among the people and these policemen have come from this very society where their relatives, their families belong to.
He wondered how can a local policeman go against the interests of his own people and said pro-people initiatives would be his top priority.
The state police chief further urged people particularly youth to refrain from posting unverified contents on the social media and said that such posts create law and order problems and sometimes become the reason for many people to lose even their lives. He said that people must behave responsibly to keep the social order intact.

DGP however said that police always try to negate the fake news but added that it would not restrict its role on rebutting the fake news only as it has to do many other things which are pro-people and pro-youth.

He said that police has to tackle the day to day crimes also and it will not lag behind in dealing with the social crimes. DGP said that dealing with the social crimes would be among his top priorities so that the social fabric of the society doesn’t become a collateral damage of law and order situation.
According to DGP, JK Police would strengthen the pro-people initiatives and would welcome the NGO participation in its social outreach.
Meanwhile, DGP said that the concept of engaging SPO is that of a temporary kind of engagement but in Jammu and Kashmir, the situation is such that this kind of engagement has become almost a regular nature of job.

He added that many initiatives are being taken for the welfare of the SPOs and their remunerations are also being increased at regular times.