Secret CIA Unit Allegedly Conducted UFO Retrieval Missions at Nine Crash Sites, Shocking Report Reveals

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According to a report from the UK-based Daily Mail, a clandestine CIA unit referred to as the Office of Global Access (OGA) has purportedly retrieved numerous crashed UFOs across the globe. Multiple anonymous sources claim that approximately nine “non-human craft,” some damaged from crashes and two largely intact, were recovered in a covert operation spanning decades.

Operating within the CIA’s Science and Technology Directorate, the OGA allegedly played a crucial role in overseeing these secretive missions since 2003, suggesting a possible possession of advanced, non-human technology by the US government.

David Grusch, a former US intelligence officer who previously testified before Congress, reiterated these claims in a recent podcast with Joe Rogan. He confidently stated, “The answer is we are not alone.” Grusch further indicated that influential figures, including Harry Reid (ex-Senate Majority Leader), provided similar insights, suggesting a vast cover-up unless all these individuals were misleading.

Earlier this year, US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer sponsored a bill advocating for the disclosure of “recovered technologies of unknown origin and biological evidence of non-human intelligence.” This legislation passed in the Senate. Insiders revealed to Daily Mail details about the OGA’s involvement in detecting concealed UFOs and dispatching specialized military units to salvage wreckage.

While the OGA primarily undertakes conventional missions, including nuclear weapon retrieval, it allegedly manages UFO retrieval operations. Sources suggested that the military conducts the physical retrieval but doesn’t maintain control due to extensive record-keeping requirements. Instead, the retrieved materials are swiftly transferred to private hands, shielded from extensive government audits.

Documents from 2016 identify the OGA as one of the 56 CIA offices, with its top officials listed among the agency’s key personnel. The OGA was established in 2003, focusing on complex global targets through an integration of analysis, technology, and operational methods.

Former OGA deputy director Doug Wolfe, connected with strategic access programs, reportedly spearheaded the office. The OGA is said to collaborate with Special Operations Forces and nuclear experts for UFO retrieval, despite some denials from US agencies like the Nuclear Emergency Support Team (NEST).

The report emphasizes the compartmentalization of information, suggesting that many involved might not realize their involvement with non-human craft. Drawing a parallel to the Manhattan Project, whistleblower David Grusch compared the situation, indicating Lockheed Martin’s probable engagement in safeguarding potential alien wreckage. Additionally, former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid faced challenges when attempting to access alleged UFO-related programs.

In July, the US Senate endorsed Schumer’s bill, aiming to establish a review board with presidential-level powers to disclose recovered technologies. If passed by the House of Representatives, the amendment will be added to the annual military spending bill for 2024. Schumer emphasized the public’s right to be informed about unknown technologies and unexplained phenomena.

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