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Second Fiddle

It is indeed sad to see how a powerful alternative to the National Conference has, of late, playing second fiddle to it. The PDP was created by Mufti Mohammad Sayeed as an alternative to NC so that the people of Jammu and Kashmir have a choice and make democracy and elections meaningful and purposeful.

Within two years of his passing away, PDP has been reduced to being a team B of the National Conference. Be it the response and reaction to Article 35 A, when PDP woke up only after NC gave the clarion call, or now the boycotting of the elections to panchayats and local bodies.


There have been many occasions in the last few months when PDP has reacted only after NC had taken a stand, be it by Omar Abdullah on Twitter or Farooq Abdullah in public. This speaks of an emaciated and poor leadership.

If PDP has to be where it was meant to be, in competition to NC and not in collusion with it, then it needs to quickly putits thinking cap on. Otherwise, the dream of Late Mufti Sayeed will quickly become a nightmare.