Srinagar, Sep 26: Inside a classroom at Government Boys’ Middle School, Raj Bagh, a white board reads the date, August 3. A thick coat of dust has blurred the classwork possibly written 53 days ago when students last attended the school.

A sheet of dust has covered the benches and chairs in the abandoned class rooms. The only room buzzing with activities is the staff room where around half dozen teachers are busy preparing assignments for the students.


“We have not seen students since August 5. Despite facing difficulties, the staff attends school every day. But not even a single student has visited the school,” said one of the teachers who wished not to be named.

A young teacher who was preparing study materials said students of poor families study here and there is no communication with them since August 5.

“Sometimes it is difficult for us to reach here. We somehow manage, but it is not possible for children to reach school in such difficulties. Parents are also afraid to send their wards to schools because of the safety concerns. There is no means of communication,” said another teacher.

The scene was no different in Government Boys’ Middle School, Jawahar Nagar. All the five classrooms in the ground floor were locked.  Despite situated in the posh area where no stone pelting has been reported, the students have preferred to stay away from the school for the last 52 days.

 “We are not allowed to talk to press. You can yourself observe the scene in the school and gauge the situation,” said one of the female staff members who did not wish to be named.

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