‘Saboot aapke saamne’: On camera, man complains of poor roads, behind him rickshaw topples after hitting pothole

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An interview about the problems of poor roads and potholes in Uttar Pradesh got a live demonstration just a few metres away from the person reporting it.
A clip widely shared on social media shows a man from UP’s Ballia talking to a reporter about the sorry state of roads in his neighbourhood.

Just as he ranted about bad roads and potholes causing accidents and traffic delays, an e-rickshaw carrying passengers on a wet road behind him hit a water-filled pothole and topped over.

The clip was posted on Twitter by a journalist name Piyush Rai. He wrote: “In UP’s Ballia, a reporter was talking to a commuter over the poor quality of roads ridden with potholes. The commuter was explaining how accidents and E-rickshaws overturning is a very frequent phenomenon. What happened at the end is something you should watch for yourself.

Watch the video here:

Ironically, the man, identified as Pravir Kumar, was talking about the frequent accidents incurred by e-rickshaws in his neighbourhood due to potholes. He added that the roads have remained in a pitiful state despite many complaints and requests.

In a follow-up video tweeted by Rai, onlookers were seen rushing to the accident spot to rescue the passengers. The clips have now collected over 4 lakh views with hundreds of responses.

Posting a third video several hours after the incident, Rai wrote that some patchwork was done by the authorities to repair the road.
“Condition of the road as of today. Some patchwork has been done by the authorities but still far from being called a proper road,” he wrote.

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