Rahul promises a new Congress, says BJP less concerned about peace

New Delhi :Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Thursday met Indian-origin CEOs of companies based in Singapore. The Congress party posted on microblogging site Twitter that Rahul discussed a range of issues, such as job creation, investments and prevalent economic conditions, during his meeting with the CEOs.
During the meeting, the Congress chief conceded that the party “faced a storm” in 2012 and in the next two years “the system was destabilised and we saw the consequences”. He said, “We faced a storm in 2012. Between 2012 and 2014 the system was destabilised and we saw the consequences. We have a clean slate now, and a new opportunity. We will present you with a new Congress Party that envisions the values you were born with.”
The Gandhi scion also talked about the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), saying that while the Congress sees society “as a system that has to be kept in balance”, the ruling party “is less concerned about peace and tranquillity”.
“We see society as a system that has to be kept in balance. The BJP on the other hand is less concerned about peace and tranquillity. We see very serious dangers of polarising society and risks arising from them,” said Rahul during his interaction with the CEOs.
He further referred to the issue of rural-urban migration, terming it as a challenge. According to the Congress chief, “We are seeing the biggest migration of rural people in India. We have challenges.”
The Congress chief added that the view of the Congress party is that there is need of a “peaceful transition, a transition that carries everybody together”.
Later on Thursday, Rahul Gandhi is expected to address members of the Indian community living in Singapore. He is scheduled to stay in Singapore on March 8 and March 9, following which he will leave for Malaysia on March 10.

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