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Priyanka visits house in Shimla, may finally have ‘griha pravesh’ on Diwali

NEW DELHI: UPA chief Sonia Gandhi’s daughter Priyanka Gandhi Vadra may finally enter her new house in Chharabra in Shimla on Diwali. Priyanka has reportedly got the house demolished thrice as she was not happy with it.
She reached Chharabra on Wednesday along with the architect to oversee the construction work and give the final touches to the house.
The house was reportedly purchased from US-based Satish Kumar Sood and Satinder Sood in 2007. The three-and-a-half bigha agricultural plot is located at a height of more than 8,000 feet. It was a two-storey five-room cottage which was pulled down as Priyanka wanted the house to have the look and feel of the surroundings.
The land has been mired in controversies even since Priyanka bought it over a decade ago owing to its proximity to The Retreat, the summer holiday resort of the Indian president.
The Himachal Pradesh High Court had issued a notice to Priyanka in connection with a land deal in Shimla’s high-security zone. The notice was issued on a petition filed by RTI activist Dev Ashish Bhattacharya who had sought details of the property and permissions granted by the state government under section 118 of HP Tenancy and Land Reforms Act.
Priyanka along with Sonia have made several visits to the under-constuction house over the years to monitor the work personally.